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  1. You made sure to get this particular IMPEX reissue, yes? (they’re backordered everywhere so just wanted to make sure you didn’t kill money on a bootleg or something)
  2. This is an impex reissue of early Columbia era Sinatra, and historically was his first album to feature him on all swing, uptempo tunes. I have never heard Frank sound this real! Impex knocked it out of the park mastered from original master tape, gatefold cover and some of the best liner notes in booklet form I’ve ever read. $35! Insane value. Please buy now.
  3. Cool. Yeah I’ve been talking with Bryan and he basically recommends the same concept. Final ? - I’m assuming that since you’re running basically two parallel sets of cables from your power amp binding loads. you’re using a combo of bananas and spades? So like bananas to your moths, and the spades/speakon to the REL sub?
  4. Speaking of which, how do you have yours connected? I believe Rel supplies some kind of speakon cable with spades to attach to the amps speaker outputs?
  5. What REL are you using? Small room for stereo playback is what could work in my setup
  6. ready for some good vibes. (pun intended)
  7. I must have missed the memo where two subs is now the standard. (still working getting first sub lol)
  8. fiona apple - tidal forgot how badass she was/is
  9. Ugh I’m entering the old dad phase of my listening habits nowadays
  10. Thank you! I am leaning towards that motu as it has a midi interface for my digital keyboard. But I'll definitely inquire about an EDU discount and thanks for the reminder that I should be marking these things down for tax purposes.
  11. Good call. I was looking at the motu device and I think at least by specs it might be higher performing. But more importantly I think it looks better so that might be my pushing point.
  12. Im sure some of you are way beyond this device, but can anyone comment on the focusrite scarlett 2i2? I'm looking to do some pretty basic things both musically and with the vinyl setup. For music class, I've got my keyboard and shure mic to make some basic recordings, being able to connect with my school's macbook air, but also using this as a device to do vinyl rips. I know we can get more expensive/solid state recording options but I am hoping the device above is decent enough to do what I'm asking it to do.
  13. Anyone out there into ripping their vinyl digitally? I’d like to start archiving some of my collection, and figured it would be cool to have it all on a hard drive that could be streamed to the basement rig that has a squeezebox and dac setup. my phone stage has both an xlr and rca output that run concurrently, the xlr is the main output used but figured I could connect it to something that does the analog to digital conversion and send that usb out or save it to a hard drive. Would be curious what kind of devices for those of you that do rip your vinyl are using for that purpose.
  14. when the flaming lips were actually good sounds killer on headphones.
  15. Thanks for the heads up regarding Lyra, I’ll keep that in mind (feel free to forward that dealer list to me). I’ve clocked about 250 hours currently on mine so I’ve still got a way to go.
  16. Nice little TT/record rack! Care to share where it’s from?
  17. Tried to capture Lee Morgan’s swagger. Was not successful.
  18. Ouch! I had a good visit with stereo unlimited when the fam was in San Diego a couple years back. Was able to snag some quality vinyl, sorry your TT purchase was ok. While by all accounts my technics should run maintenance free for quite a while, I’m not looking forward to the day that eventually my Lyra Delos will have to be looked at as well!
  19. Nice little turntable platform
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