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  1. HBD to the big guy! Here’s hoping we can do a cheers in June!
  2. I’m spinning all my BN catalog with Tyner in memoriam tonight started with real McCoy, finishing up some side work with Freddie Hubbard, and will next move on to his work with Wayne shorter. RIP
  3. recstar24


    I don’t do SACD, but at least on the vinyl side, the big ones are all gone Dipping, peckin time from Mobley, the duke Jordan everyone raves about, art Taylor etc. Of the one remaining, the Walter Davis is very cool and I’m personally a fan of the John Gilmore and cliff Jordan as they are Chicago guys.
  4. recstar24


    Already hit them up a while back when sale was announced
  5. Got damn it I’m late to the party. Happy belated and I’m happy you got to buy yourself really cool stuff like every other day
  6. Muddy Waters - Folk Singer (AP 33) the rs1’s really make it pretty magical sounding
  7. Jeff Buckley - Grace on headphones to boot! Bringing back 2010 in style
  8. Lee Morgan - Sidewinder Music Matters SRX reissue 2020 series
  9. Update from at least a few minutes ago - Astros fire their GM and manager (I mean makes sense, why pay them or have them on staff for a whole year of suspension)
  10. You're the best! Have a great birthday John.
  11. Have tried to use the aero but just mess it up so bad. Chemex for me but Bryan I’ll have to check your technique next time I’m over.
  12. The backsplash isn’t doing much for me. Wait wat...
  13. I really enjoyed the uturn orbit as my first TT, due to ease of setup, sound quality, and price. Can purchase with built in phono if needed.
  14. Birthday Bryan! Here’s hoping we can celebrate au cheval style Friday ?
  15. Wow I really need to work on getting rid of the supplied Comcast xfinity router/modem unit I’ve been using
  16. recstar24

    The Man Show

    What platform is it currently streaming on?
  17. Pics or it didn’t happen (YES I’ve waited so long to throw that one around)
  18. Cough recstar24 custom phono stage first cough
  19. I wouldn’t bother. The PSRR of the circuit itself is so high that I just don’t think it’s needed. You’d be better off using that money towards vinyl
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