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  1. I have a pair of Zu Soul Superfly and they are fantastic speakers. When it comes to tonality, I really think the Zu guys have their shit together. Never heard Omens before but they use pretty similar drivers and I'm betting sound isn't too far off. As for driving them, just about anything 8-10 watts will be plenty of power. I went with overkill 60 wpc Atma amps, which lets me go to ridiculous volume levels with little to no distortion / clipping.
  2. I also have to agree that the first episode in season 2 was a little bit on the slower side. I mainly blame it on the 2nd book, which is incredibly long and littered with thousands of characters. I'm guessing that episode 1 is sort of an introduction to all the new characters / circumstances happening in the world. To be honest with you I'm really interested in seeing how HBO will pull off showing this entire book in 12 episodes, especially considering how much freaking happens and the immense scale of the world. Budget for sets must be insane! I'm currently reading book 3 and so far enjoying it far more than book 2...
  3. Thanks for the tip Kevin, I might eventually get around to buying a used pair of LCD2s to try that out some day. Btw, speaking of Cyclotron amps, have you seen the new Schiit balanced amp? There's a mention of a Cyclotron-esque circuit but not sure if its the same prinicpal as the Atmasphere amps but with solid state. https://schiit.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=10
  4. So you suggest driving them from the speaker taps then? The S-30 or M-60 for that matter don't have headphone outputs. I guess you'd do the volume control digitally through the DAC, but would there be way too much gain for the LCD2?
  5. Yup Ralph's stuff is really awesome and he has an amazing support policy. He'll pretty much update your amp to the most recent standards even if it is over 20 years old! Name me another company that will do that for their products... As of right now I have a pair of M-60s which I am completely in love with. Other than heat generated I couldn't really ask for more out of an amp since they've been trouble free for the past 1-2 years and they don't require any fancy tubes. I also used to have an MP-1 preamp which was pretty great but didn't really fit in my listening room too well. Plus it used a ridiculous amount of tubes (8 per channel) which made it a pain in the ass to troubleshoot where floor noise was coming from. I tried listening to a pair of HD650s balanced through this preamp and it wasn't anything mind blowing or remotely worth the cost for a headphone amp...but I'm not sure if it would be better with the LCD-3 as Kevin mentioned.
  6. If you are looking for an app that does the split screen browser / note taking thing, I suggest Notes Plus. Really good note taking app that is very mature and a ton of neat features (like transcribing writing to text)
  7. Apple only gives these things out a week before the they lift the NDA which means the Anandtech review wouldn't be as good and thorough
  8. Really amazing review! I love how these guys go into sooo much more depth than any other reviewers out there who rehash the same stuff over and over again. Arstechnica used to be the same way but they've gotten pretty sloppy/generic with their reviews lately. To me the most interesting part was the whole 5-10 pages of CPU / GPU discussion and how it compares to other tablets out there.
  9. Technically Paper is by the team who originally came up with the Courier concept...and it shows. Absolutely beautiful app that works incredibly well considering there are no options to change opacity, brush size, etc. The other app, Tapose on the other hand is a piece of crap. I followed these guys when they originally put out their Kickstarter page. These two guys who had nothing to do with the original concept basically wanted to recreate the courier on an ipad. They had very little experience with app development or designing UI and it sort of shows in the final product...
  10. Also got mine in the mail today and so far very impressed! Screen doesn't make a huge difference in many apps but huge improvement on reading and browsing the web! On a side note this thing gets quite a bit warmer than my iPad 2 on the left side with regular use. Anybody else notice this?
  11. Congrats Shelly on deciding to go with the headphones 009s. I know you were joking about possibly getting them down the line but now i see it's a nearby goal Also decided to plunker down and get an iPad but can't decide for the life of me if I should go w/ ATT or Verizon. Common sense would say Verizon, but AT&T LTE is supposed to be pretty good in Houston. Either, my wife was NOT happy about getting the hand me down instead of the shiny new toy
  12. Was def. a great little meet and was fun catching up with a few Houston ppl out there. Out of the gear that was brought to the meet, SR-009 was head and shoulders above everything else, but we'll have to try the SR-007 vs 009 once i get the BHSE Liquid lightning was decent but didn't do anything for me over the KGSS. If anything I preferred the KGSS for both 007 and 009 over the LL, but it might have been source related since i'm not a big fan of having tubed sources. Also, biasing was set for Sennheisers vs. Stax, which might have had something to do with it. Also kind of sad how this turned into a one reference track, one headphone meet by the end
  13. Wait a second, that article isn't a joke? Does anyone in their right mind pay 200-1200 Euros for little metal cups to place them around their rooms? Oh, and what a coincidence that the rarer the material these are made of, the better they sound Obviously platinum has much better resonance properties than gold or copper....hehe
  14. monsieurguzel


    Great Bon Iver session at AIR Studios (4AD/Jagjauwar Session) Worth a watch:
  15. Actually RWA cases are pretty barebones in person. I'm sure hoping your not paying for casework in this instance!
  16. Perhaps the coolest thing i've seen at CES so far. The WVIL camera. It's wierd that no sites have covered it though...propably not ready for prime time yet.
  17. Except that the guy is kind of a joke when it comes to reviewing anything headphone related...
  18. but i'm sure this thing has a big ass transformer...very important you know in computers! They say computers with larger transformers have better color rendition, sound quality, and process things faster
  19. I'm a little confused with what you really get for the $2000.... How is this any different than getting a mac mini (previous gen. w/ cd drive) and setting up XLD to autorip and query internet for cd info when you insert a cd. Then all you need is a library program like itunes, j.river, or the logitech squeezebox to automatically read your database and serve your music via DLNA. Mac mini looks a whole lot better and costs about $500.
  20. I just love the long ass list of music that was listened to for this review. He might have well just put: "Every single artist out there in every single genre of music"
  21. We live close to the Galeria in Afton Oaks. My wife is doing her PhD at Rice and I work downtown so it's pretty close to both.
  22. I recently moved from LA to Houston a couple months ago. I'd love to join you guys if it's still going to happen sometime early next year!
  23. These have to be joke right? IEMs are notorious for costing no more than a couple bucks to make. I'm not quite sure how 'hand made' is relevant here....some guy just sets the balanced armature inside the encosure and solders the cheap headphone cable to it The most expensive part of these earphones are most likely the stupid leather case. Stuff like this really irks me...it's disgusting how much like high end speaker audio this headphone/iem market is starting to get. I can already see the next fad in headphone re-cables a few years from now. Interconnect network boxes!!
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