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  1. It's got an upgraded power source running at a constant 60Hz and has enough power to drive anything with great authority!
  2. I'm definitely in for a set a set of KGSSHV boards as well as a Dynahi board set.
  3. Yeah, its kind of sad that I only follow a total of 3-4 threads there now...and even those have me losing interest.
  4. NM, I'm an idiot and got the mobile theme to work only on the iphone. I guess I'll just give up on using Tapatalk...its become pretty useless on both HC and HF...
  5. Yeah, the mobile interface of HC is really good...but the only problem is that if you pick the mobile theme on your phone then it will also show up every time you visit the site on a desktop computer.
  6. I wanted to know if anyone else is having this issue since it's sort of annoying for me. Everytime I loging to Head-Case I always get a pop up notice saying "The login was successful!". The program only does that with HC and no other forums. Is there a way to turn off this popup?
  7. Lol! Took me a good night's sleep and a fresh mind to get that one
  8. Wow, your set of headphones look awesome Vicki! Most of the custom art I see looks really cheap and pixelated but the artwork turned out beautifully on yours. Mother of pearl faceplaces definately make everything look first class!
  9. Well the same can be said about HF in general nowadays. It's a lot less about the community and more about the vendors...which is why more and more posts get deleted on a daily basis based purely on the fact that they say something that goes against one of the advertisers...
  10. From my take on today's announcements, it is obvious that they are trying to make Lion closer to iOS in use, look, and feel. I'm really digging the app switcher, fullscreen, and multitouch implementations. To me though, it seems that they might be a little awkward on large 27" imac screens and more appropriate to something like a 13"-15" screen, which is a great idea. As of right now, 13" screens always feel a little cramped with all the menus,toolbars,windows,etc... but with the implementation of fullscreen programs like word processors, safari, iphoto, etc, I feel that the smaller screens will feel a lot more comfortable to use just like how the ipad screen that never feels cramped. Misson control should make it easier to switch between apps without having to deal with lots of windows on the desktop. Basically, I feel that my next computer will be a 13" Macbook air (or 15" air if they make one ) Btw, Apple killed today!
  11. Haha thank you! I was going to this show as a birthday present to myself.
  12. I'm most likely heading off there tomorrow morning in hope that it will be a little more quiet
  13. Totally agree...I too was worried about our pre-order considering all the issues with people's units going defective. So i'm glad they are ceasing production to fix the problem so that we actually get functional units that won't flake out on us after a couple months of use.
  14. FYI here's what another member on the other side said regarding the latest delay on the SR-009: "Interesting news about the SR009, got a heads up on my pre-order that Stax is stopping production and delaying for a couple of months while they correct an issue that came up with some of the headphones ("about 12% of SR-009 developed noises due to microscopic dust between the stator and the film... Stax is currently revising the design and solving the problem. Shipment will resume within 60 days")." I guess that the end of July date is probably applicable for all of us who pre-ordered from ED. I don't trust any dates from audio manufacturers lately, so I'd be surprised if it didn't take more than 60 days for them to get into more people's hands
  15. Just in case you might be interested, Headfonia has a pretty decent review/first impressions of the unit which sounds pretty promising. http://www.headfonia.com/the-fostex-hp-p1/ I like this idea a lot more that they cypher labs DAC since it's about the same size but actually has an amp built into it.
  16. Do you mean that they were misshandled during shipping such that a connector got loose? Or does it have to do with humidity?
  17. couldn't resist...also had to get the tee
  18. God damn this guy is annoying! As if it isn't enough that he inundates all the HF threads with his crap, he has to come here and do the same.
  19. Let's all show up with pitchforks to their front door!!
  20. So any updates from Elusive Disc regarding shipping dates? It seems like the second batch of SR-009s is trickling into people's hands.
  21. I will be headed to THE Show this year! It'll be my treat to myself since it falls right on my birthday. I was hoping to meet the dealer I bought my Atma-Sphere MP-1 pre-amp from who will be showcasing his cool new turntable (http://www.galibierdesign.com/). I'm scared of what i'll be hearing there and probably need to lock my wallet up before going to the show
  22. OMG i though you were joking with the marbles and scarf but those are actually things that are packaged in the box!
  23. Funny thing is there isn't actually much of a price gap between those two products... I've had my PWD for over a year and it's been the one steady component in my system that I haven't thought of changing out. I def. have occasional frustration with the bridge, but sonically it's pretty great.
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