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  1. Indeed. The hFE test was meant to be a quick test to weed out fakes. No guarantee for these to be genuine yet.
  2. A little update on the futurlec C3675 devices. They were sent from bangkok, delivered by Deutsche Post, and invoiced from Australia. That's interesting. http://i.imgur.com/AbRHB.jpg okay... bent legs, like the ones I saw in my local hobby shop. Fair enough. Anyways, from left to right: utsource, futurlec, and bdent http://i.imgur.com/PLmj1h.jpg straighten out the leads. All of them look similar. The futurlec devices have similar letterings to the utsource devices. Measured the Vbr and hFe using the handy measurement tool recommended by KG: voltage breakdown: utsource 1057V futurlec 1252V bdent 1117V hFe: utsource 46 @ 10uA(Ib) futurlec 23 @ 10uA(Ib) bdent 41 @ 10uA(Ib) Hmm... So the hFe of the futurlec devices is a bit low. However, I am not testing at database conditions, so that might be the cause. Will have a curve tracer in 2 months time, I'll learn how to use it, and report back again.
  3. Done and done. I could install that on the server.
  4. Antiblocker should now be loaded every time a new map starts. Also, I've got these maps: KF-420-Ganja-Farm-Reweeded-V1-1.zip KF-Corruption.zip KF-420-Ganja-Farm-V1.rar Kf-DeathPit-ReVamp.zip KF-Afghanistan.rar KF-Doom2-Final-V7.zip KF-Arcade-Gas-Station-V1.rom KF-HappyHour.zip KF-Arcade-Gas-Station-V1.zip KF-LibraryFinal.zip KF-Arcade-Shopping-Center-final.zip KF-LOTD-Downtown.zip KF-Arcade-Shopping-CON.zip KF-MosEisleyScum.zip KF-Arcade-Skatepark-FIN.rar KF-OrmanManor.zip KF-Archives.zip KF-RuralRoad2v1.zip KF-BellTolls.zip KF-WestLondonNight_v7.zip KF-CornerMarket_v3.zip which ones would you guys like to play? If you want something not on this list, let me know where to download it, and I'll get it installed asap.
  5. fingers crossed for a modernized T2 with SS frontend.
  6. I've bought some a week ago. Will report back if the voltage breakdown checks out. I will say that their warehouse seem to be in Asia, so that might be a red flag.
  7. I lost at least a hundred dollars to counterfeit parts. Also, 2SC3675 is 6.97 per piece at bdent for 30 pieces right now. That's over 200 dollars for just that part, and more if you want spares to do repairs. It's getting harder and harder for people to build this thing nowadays.
  8. indeed. One more vote for multiple machines, one for each job. Setup VNC or ssh depending on your needs. Definitely less headache than managing all these different OSes on the same machine! OTOH, VirtualBox has been working well for me till I needed access to hardware plugged into the computer, so I'm not sure if that's an all-in-one-solution for you. I'd probably load freebsd on a VM if you're only doing software development on it though.
  9. Have a wonderful birthday sir. edit: eh? This is why you don't leave old tabs open. Have a doubly fun birthday!
  10. it's okay, everyone has one or two builds that just never goes well. I'm sure you'll pull through in the end.
  11. If you are measuring the bias after the 5M resistor, that would be the reason why.
  12. Taking the server offline for a few minutes to add antiblock. AntiBlocker 1.1 now enabled. No more bottleneck at the dealer entrance.
  13. Also got ventrilo server running for deepak. No password for this one, but I could get one up quick and easy. [edit] vent port number is 3784.
  14. Hello Head-Case. I've setup a dedicated KF server. Server details (Moved by request.) Also taking map requests, whitelisted mods, anything you desire. Could setup multiple admins if one of you would like admin powers. Happy KF'ing!
  15. I think the best way to control this thing would be a raspberry pi actually. for 5 dollars more than the cheapest arduino, you get 256mb of ram, 700MHz ARM processor, 2 usb ports and 1 ethernet port. Runs linux, so you can program in any programming language you are comfortable with it and run a webserver right off it. Plugin a wireless usb dongle and you are set. Available now at farnell and rs-components.
  16. Aw common, that's not the fucking point and you know it.
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