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  1. You guys just gave me some good reasons not to post any FPE files.
  2. Could somebody help me buy this, or suggest a similar alternative? I'd like a good-enough quality, but easy to use stereo ADC interface. The roland UA-1G seems to fit in, because it could record 24bit/96kHz audio for less than 100 dollars. Thanks! The goal is to measure a room's impulse response.
  3. Well, apparently... C'mon man, Almost everything is laid out for you in the BOM. All the information is in this thread. We are not going to do everything for you.
  4. This is why you don't buy cheap usb hubs from ebay.
  5. I think roast duck for dinner is the only way to make this right. On a more serious note, sorry to hear about the damage. Can you clean the dirt off? How bad is the damage?
  6. http://www.innerfidelity.com/ http://head-fi.org/
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whjviUck9G0&feature=BFa&list=PL0E8C472BA385FD81&lf=results_main playlist here
  8. I got my sr507 from him for about 750. He packed well and shipped really fast. Don't think he's a flipper. Seems to be alright kind of guy, though admittedly I haven't talked to him much. The 'audiophile' thing might be a way to reach the general reddit reader.
  9. after christmas deal at newegg: polk m70 speakers, $300 per pair after coupon.
  10. Merry Christmas everyone!
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