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  1. Happy Birthday! Can you show us a picture of your B-Day cake?
  2. These off topics are actually quite informative
  3. Celebrated the 4th eating home made Okonomiyaki and Inari, home made ice cream and other goodies with Japanese friends and family.
  4. Jose that is a beautiful build. Congratulations!
  5. Got my boards today. Thank You! I have posted pics before but here are some more of my build. I noticed these boards have a 12 V for the filaments. The old board did not have it.
  6. I don't know how I missed this. If I could have 2 Megatron boards and 2 GRHV would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  7. 23 stepped attenuator? at this price??
  8. received them too. Thank You. My goodness, they are small!
  9. I though Sorbothane was a University in Paris
  10. I like the US Navy property sign
  11. Hey! Billy Joel is not dead you suckers!
  12. Happy B-Day John. May you have many more!
  13. hello;

    do you have the most recent mouser BOM for the carbon?



    [email protected]


  14. Congratulations John. As usual, always way above the 90th percentile !
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