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  1. I did not see my name in the list. I am in for 1 set. Thanks
  2. I have tried the Chord Hugo and that it was way overrated. I tend to be very skeptic of all these new players designed with specs designed for bats.
  3. very nice. I haven't even started yet due to an insane amount of work. Thanks for posting pics. post more!
  4. amazing stunningly beautiful.... I am at a loss for words. Ready for the Smithsonian!
  5. congratulations on a fun build. The harder the work, the sweeter the sound.
  6. DSD, 192, I am no engineer but reading stuff and hearing stuff, I am amazed on how easy is to sell snake oil to "audiophiles" Once you reach a resolution limit, it does not matter a bit, unless you are a bat, that is.
  7. Receive mine also. Packed nice and tidy. Boards look great. Thanks!
  8. I'll go for whatever you guys decide and happy to have mine changed to what's is most convenient and cost effective to all.
  9. Oops! Sorry! If at all possible I would like to update mine to: amp board v5: 8 Dual HV PS: 2 Single FAT HV PS: 4 Thanks
  10. I am also surprised that not too many megatons have been built. You guys don't know what you are missing
  11. Are you trying to power a small city with it?
  12. I hope this thread does not become like the one at head-fi.
  13. Ask Victor Chew. I know he was looking into using DC for the front tubes and may have already done it
  14. I have listened to it and is way overrated. Not something I would ever buy.
  15. The only one I purchased from them about 2 yrs ago does duty as a door stopper since it never worked. Very pretty though.
  16. Did you make ventilation holes on top and bottom panels?
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