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  1. if you have any grounded grids to spare I am interested
  2. Beautiful. one case only. what size?
  3. I don't mind waiting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. nice case, where did you get it from? I put the 4 LED on the amplifier boards upside down so they stick up a little outside the top of the chassiss so when the light up I know the HV is on.
  5. I do to. They shine with the Megatron. I may eventually buy the 009S but would love to hear them first. I am going to Japan in June, hopefully they will be available for audition somewhere.
  6. I didn't know the 009S was available for sale already?
  7. go back to Bach man! absolutely no distortion...with instruments of the period and all...
  8. Sounds like they are overpriced for what they deliver. I'll keep my Staxes after all
  9. Jose.WDYT of the sound know with the fat girls as opposed as the Carbon ?
  10. Thanks Laowei for the pictures. Between the Carbon and the GG, any preference in sound?
  11. I did listen to them once, and survived.... with nightmares Birgir is right, they do sound terrible.
  12. which cases did you use? Your build looks great. Would you mind post more internals?
  13. Does anybody have any spare boards?
  14. I am planning on building the 450V PSU. Received the following quote from TOROIDY. Shipping to the US is 55 EUR. Audio grade transformers: TS 300VA PRI: 2x 115V SEC: > 2x 360V @350mA > 16-0-16V @600mA cost: 76,50 EUR/pc (0% VAT – export price) Audio Supreme version: TS 300VA PRI: 2x 115V SEC: > 2x 360V @350mA > 16-0-16V @600mA cost: 121,60 EUR/pc (0% VAT – export price) Is there a difference between the Audio grade and the Audio Supreme version regarding hum and interference? The difference in price is significant and I rather purchase the cheaper version if possible. He stated the following: "In audio grade, noiseless transformer price You'll get transformer wound on high inductive, selected and measured core. Core and all the windings will be impregnated. Transformer will also has electric and electromagnetic shields and epoxy filled interior. Audio SUPREME version is fully epoxy resinged in stainless steel box"
  15. Good thing we have so many DIY choices. (Thank You Kevin!). I must say I would expect more from Stax. Any idea what's going on with those guys? Their purchase by Edifier was supposed to infuse cash into their business in order to come up with new products.
  16. Kevin: did you even listen to it before you took it apart?
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