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  1. The AirPod Max is my to go at the office. Easy to use, instant connection with my iphone, noise cancellation when needed, good sound. My Stax is for home.
  2. Very nice bikes around here! This is my commuter Gazelle T10+ with the battery off mounted on a 1up rack. And my wife's bike also
  3. Just modded my 007 Mk2.9. A video of a Stax guy changing pads that Birgir posted years ago helped. As well as the instructions he published. Thanks.
  4. Gulag Cafe Putin Grounds Drink it. Don't complaint.
  5. I have been commuting to work on this since March of last year. I don’t have to worry about gas.
  6. Wow....You guys must be so much better than the rest of us. Utter BS.
  7. Man. A country that allows so much cheating and deception is nothing but crap.
  8. my 009 broke in the same place I purchased the 90.00 replacement kit. And thank you for the pics. They are amazing. Hopefully can be fixed.
  9. Like usual, Headfi FOTM impressions are horrible. I am curious to hear impressions of people I can trust regarding the sound of the new Staxes. Birgir, for example? It'll be a while before I can listen myself unfortunately.
  10. I am so glad the site is back! I have been checking every day and tonight to my surprise it came right up when I clicked! Thank you for the hard work!
  11. This is a Blue Hawaii at Sisters Thai in Alexandria.
  12. I couldn't afford expensive gear when I was young and my ears were good.
  13. Sounds like a very crappy purchase
  14. How do the phones sound?
  15. Happy thanksgiving to all! Beautiful day in Southern California today, with light rain after the fires.
  16. I got mine this week also. Very grateful for the effort and time you have committed on doing this.
  17. thats only the price of two 009's.
  18. Great! thanks for the update. Waiting for the boards to start my Carbon.
  19. Oops. It is there: SX9-1025. I am used to see the serial number where the "SAMPLE" tag is though. Strange.
  20. My 009S doesn't have a serial number. It says SAMPLE instead. Any idea of why? Bought it new from Justin.
  21. just to clarify, you haven't yet shipped to those of us who also bought TKD pots. is this correct?
  22. the Beats X are great and convenient for commuting. A while back they were like 70.00 at Best Buy.
  23. I also would like a GG and psu if any left overs. Thanks
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