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  1. pork chops, mashed potatos, peppers and onions, rice awesome
  2. mary louise parker is so fucking hot
  3. i just spend the last hour looking for that damn dvd in like 30 torrent sites. Why the fuck isint my school cool and some decent music in its DC++ hub?
  4. omfg, i miss demonoid i want to download jeff tweedy's live dvd BUT WHERE!!!
  5. jinp6301


    do they sound good with the mogrel bass?
  6. Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel (D) 91.30% match damn it me too well the most matched candidate is Most Top-Matched Candidates * Gravel - 14.20%
  7. i like the dynamic between owen and luke wilson. Its a good movie, but rushmore and the royal tenebaums are better
  8. only anderson movie I didnt see its not that bad!
  9. really? I was looking there for grad school yea that kevin gilmore's there isint he ?
  10. um water. but yea I see both your points, but the fact is that the professor sometimes doesnt expect the class to pass and uses a super hard exam to see how intelligent the class is compared to other classes and sometimes someone gets lucky and gets above the average, its usually not intelligence, just luck. well thats how it is in my class
  11. its always frustrating when the average is a 55 with a standard deviation of like 3 and someone gets a 97. But yea, I dont really BLAME him, its just frustrating. The thing thats funny is that the class I'm taking is about Biological Statistics and Data Collection shit and if this was something like lab data, the 97 would be seen as an outlier and be taken out of the curve.
  12. it was pretty shitty, but I dont think anybody did good. But as usual in this class, theres usually an asshole who screws up the curve
  13. http://torrentfreak.com/demonoid-shut-down-by-cria-070925/ fucking canadians!!!
  14. I say blame philodox and his kitties actually his kitties seem to be cool
  15. Some say its downtime, some say the Canadians took it down (damn canadians) what do YOU think?
  16. jinp6301

    Battlestar Galactica

    same thing I was thinking when I saw the title of this thread
  17. i think its gonna be an all nighter for this one. At least I see half my class still online and having away messages like "i hate my life", "fucking school", "i give up", "i'm not looking forward to tomorrow", etc :(
  18. highlighters, 4 AAA batteries and post it notes i have a test tomorrow
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