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  1. No one wants a name badge?
  2. Hi Guys I'm doing the Name Badges for the November meet. Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] with your screen name and real name and I'll print up a name badge for you.... Thanks USG
  3. KG As long as trose brought up the subject, might you be interested in discussing the HR-2? Thanks USG
  4. Did anyone save the picture of the Predator prototype from HF? USG
  5. We're all enablers here..... buy it....... and btw, can I interest you in a pillowtop isolation cushion for your headphone listening seat? If your equipment benefits from isolation, think of how much you will benefit from the same isolation...... http://www.improvementscatalog.com/product/other+ways+to+shop/exclusives+/double+pillowtop+chair+cushion/AdditionalViews.do
  6. LOL, what's this thread about.........
  7. Ditto on the impressions.... The H&DAMHEE16 was so long in development that without even hearing it, the s over yonder will tell you that at the very least, it is undoubtedly the best bang for the buck around. .
  8. Hi Justin FWIW unless the pot is really hard to turn, I'd keep it small and round with an index line. Less machining, lower cost, and not easily bumped into another position like one with flats on it. Maybe like a minature GS1 knob for continuity. How often do you have to adjust the volume Vs. how often the volume knob bumps against something in your pocket or bag? USG
  9. Listening to Cheating right now......
  10. Hi jpak I tried the 3db Harrison's from PartsExpress a few years ago, thinking that just a little attenuation might be alright, but they degraded rather than attenuated. I don't remember all the specifics but I do remember that I tried to use them on quite a few occasions and had to pull them out of the circuit each time because they ruined the high end. IMHO, I don't recommend them for audiophile use. Maybe they are better now. USG
  11. No, Sorry, not Morph.... which Morph were you referring to? USG
  12. That was quite a read, one after, thanks for the link
  13. T.Sloth If that is the case, why include a High Z jack?
  14. Hi I_D I just found this site.... a bunch of familiar names.... what's everybody doing here and how come no one told me about it until today? Anyway, I want to ask you why the high impedance jack isn't the best idea for 650s... I suppose it isn't good for 880s either? What was it designed for? Anyone have a chance to compare the Opera to a GS-1?
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