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  1. I downloaded the 1st song in 16 and then in 24. There seems to be a difference in clarity on the cymbals and guitar when I play them back .... you think it's just a volume difference? USG
  2. Thank you Postjack, the 24 bit is tremendous
  3. Hi Jin I don't think you're deaf... I hear pretty much the same thing you describe between my GS-1 and my 8065 M^3. One way of saying it might be that the GS-1 is brighter and has less bass than the M^3. Another way of saying it might be that the M^3 appears to have a fuller warmer sound that gives pianos, guitars, drums and voices a very realistic timbre. And still another way of saying it might be that the GS-1's sound signature is slanted toward the higher frequencies while the M^3's sound signature tilts in the other direction. And yet another way might be that the GS-1 has a cleaner, clearer, more refined "hi-fidelity" sound that some might refer to as being more analytical and not as robust by comparison. There is however, another quality I notice in the GS-1 that I don't think I hear in the M^3. Asr called it holographic. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's being able to hear deeper into the music. I don't know. But what ever it is, I'm going to leave it to those more versed in describing such things and just agree with your basic analysis. USG YMMV of course.
  4. Cool pie picture dc... When I was taking the pizza pictures the other day, they didn't get freaked out, but they did come over to ask about it.... Here's a lobster from Maine and a shrimp from China Town but the pepper flakes was the funniest I ever took..... USG
  5. Apparently! But thank you for the complement on my food photos...... USG
  6. Decided to go visit one of our upstate Pizza emporiums the other night Even though it's upstate, we have an internet Jukebox on the wall It plays all the popular songs Ordered a large pie (Hey, what did you expect, it's not Manhattan, it's upstate) Figured I'd put a little hot pepper on it, but someone rigged the cap to come off with a few shakes.... ha ha ha nice prank
  7. Hi Jin Stephen set mine up with 8065s and a tread, for a college student in CA who wanted to power his AKG K340s. Using it on one of my computer set ups with a D2. Just looking for your opinion Nate, but does that include a GS-1 too? USG
  8. Great write up T. I think you mean #1 btw.. I can hear the clean well defined key strikes, the carriage return and the clock ticking and the ocean, but my set up doesn't even come close to hearing paper or what the kids are saying? I can hear them playing, but can't make out what they are saying.... It's great being able to read your review and listen to some of the same tracks you used..... It is sad and kinda creepy to hear Kurt sing "No I don't have a gun"..... brings back all kinds of memories... hasn't been anything like Nirvana since.... Anyway, nice review.... USG
  9. I see what you're saying.... if I had a decent analog to digital converter I guess the results would be more relavent... too bad there is no way for me to run one of my DACs in reverse... bummer.... but I'm going to run a test anyway to see if I can hear a difference in recorded wavs between my Woo 3 and my GS-1 using the ICH5-ALC650 that's in my Shuttles. If I can't hear a difference there, I'm not going to hear anything using the set up I have.... USG
  10. Very good points.... But if the difference is as large as some claim, shouldn't there be an audible difference even with ICH5 on-board sound? Anyone know how can I get some recorded wavs online so they can be downloaded, maybe a torrent? USG
  11. Quote from: The Monkey on Today at 04:00:18 AM If one believes in burn in, isn't the only proper way to validate such performance differences is to conduct a controlled comparison between the burnt in model and a brand new one--thereby at least attempting to control for the psychoacoustic effects? The more I think about it, if you can hear it, you should be able to record it...... and, Agreed on mechanical break in Vs electronic burn in.
  12. The Burn In Challenge! Try to record the burn in. It may change your mind. .
  13. Humm, my original Hornet has a black cap with gray stripe .... unless you actually looked, you might have gotten one of each..... Regarding liberal return policies: This is a very sticky subject. What happens to the all the units that are returned? No one seems to be selling B stock. I don't know if I'd want an amp that someone had left on for 20 days and then returned, unless it was sold to me as a demo, so I don't think I'd be comfortable buying and returning, besides, as it turns out, I seem to be more of an accumulator... Cesar got around that by sending demo models around. After I listened to the demo for a while, I ordered a New Portaphile Maxxed, and the demo went to the next guy on the list. Regarding burn in: there was a wav demo, I believe, on the SH forum where they compared a CD dub from an original master tape with a first generation analog disk that SH cut himself, from the same master tape.... We were able to download both clips and try to listen for the differences between the analog disk and the CD. I may have gotten some of the facts wrong, but the concept is that it would be really easy to record the output of one of these portables when it was brand new (with a program like audacity) and save it as a wav, and then record the exact same clip 600 hrs later and listen for the differences like we did with the SH clips. One thing's sure, the next amp I buy, I am definitely going to be doing that. If burn in makes a difference, I won't be the only one who hears it..... or not. \ USG
  14. Hi Billy I remember reading your post on HF about the 2 hornets... By any chance, did you open the Hornets up to see which caps were in them? USG
  15. I have a burn in question that I want to throw out to you guys: If someone were to connect the output of a new Predator to the mic input on their computer, with a mini to mini, and recorded 30 seconds of their favorite test music with Audacity and saved it to a wav, and repeated this at various intervals during the so called 600hr burn in period, would we be able to hear the differences ourselves if we compared the first and last wavs? USG
  16. You know, I never looked at it like it was yellow gold, per se..... I think all of the better watches do something like that for contrast.... sorta like a tradition....blued screws, red rubies, and some gold and sliver colored gears... here's a pic of the movement from an original Luminor circa 1938 using a Rolex pocket watch movement (not my pic) and a more recent one.... (not my pic)
  17. Filburt brings up some valid issues USG
  18. It wasn't my thread, I didn't post in it, and I may not agree with it, but the answer to "why have it at all," is: Freedom of Speech and Freedom from Censorship USG
  19. Way to go........ Thread Regardless of it's value, It was so very Head-Fi to lock it..... I suppose if someone didn't care for the thread, they would just ignore it.... But, what's that phrase about how power corrupts... Making a judgment call on what has value and what doesn't is a big deal, and an abuse of power.... Like it or not, there were almost a dozen posts in that thread before it was locked. Censorship in any form is still Censorship !! .
  20. Happy Birthday Reksie...... USG .
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