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  1. We lost my grandmother to dementia right before COVID. So sorry for your loss.
  2. Kraftwerk 3D in SF. Fun fun fun. The old classics don’t need much polish to still sound relevant in 2022.
  3. Happy birthday. Hope you have a great ride today!
  4. 91(?) years!? Hope you’ve got a great vintage set aside and ready to crack. Happy birthday!
  5. Wolf Alice - Blue Lullaby EP Stripped down versions of songs from Blue Weekend.
  6. TMoney

    Podcast Thread

    I've really been enjoying this one, "A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs." It is a bit like a audiobook history of rock music with musical snippets thrown in. I just jumped in mid-stream. No need to start at the beginning.
  7. Happy birthday, Justin!
  8. I watched a documentary on 80s Group B rally and I can’t believe the danger those folks took on. Unbelievably fast cars on unbelievably scary rally stages. The drivers were insane, but are now true legends of motor sport. https://watch.amazon.com/detail?gti=amzn1.dv.gti.f6b8f0f1-0a56-6b59-8bfc-a282e978f596&territory=US&ref_=share_ios_movie&r=web The Pike’s road is paved these days but the runs up it are still legendary. The climb streams Sunday morning on the Mobile 1 YouTube and Facebook pages.
  9. In honor of the Pike’s Peak hill climb this weekend.
  10. Yeah. It does. Especially compared to the SACDs. That being said, the hits are the hits. I enjoyed them.
  11. New remaster. https://music.apple.com/us/album/money-for-nothing-2022-remaster/1623501105
  12. The price on the thunderbolt docks is indeed stupid, but you get what you pay for.
  13. Gonna be hard to see anyone catching Max. He just looks flawless out there. I feel very bad for Mick S. That poor kid just can't catch a break.
  14. TMoney

    Podcast Thread

    Latest season on the distrust of experts was also pretty poignant. I was worried Lewis would retreat a bit after what happened to his daughter but I am glad he is back on his horse doing his thing.
  15. Happy birthday, Kerry!
  16. I love PBS News Hour, particularly on election night, so this is sad news indeed. RIP, Mark.
  17. Well done, Grahame!!!! Your welcome present, a jury duty notice, will be mailed to you shortly!
  18. Out of curiosity, do you run any special kind of tire when you are going for times?
  19. Still can't believe you drive a 10 second jeep around, HS! I was just watching a Matt Farah vid while I was eating lunch where the 911 Turbo S only gets 9.9 with the lightweight package. 911 Turbo S speed, in a jeep!
  20. Just be sure and wear a helmet when you go out jumping dunes and doing desert blasts. It looked like Mr. Block-enspiel was a half-second away from rolling that thing more than a few times in that video.
  21. Prince and the Revolution - Live Recorded at the pinnacle of the Purple Rain tour. This one rocks.
  22. Thank you for your business, Grahm.
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