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  1. No wonder the Stones felt like The Who upstaged them during the filming of Rock and Roll Circus. They sure as hell did! Moon’s energy back there on the drum kit is wild.
  2. Iacocca: An Autobiography I saw this on a Car and Driver list of books for petrol heads. I ended up loving it. I don't necessarily agree with all of Lee's politics, but my goodness does he seem like an exceptionally smart guy and capable manager. There are some great business lessons I learned and he has no shortage of interesting war stories. He also grinds a lot of his personal axes and has some choice barbs for his enemies. Apparently this was the best selling non-fiction book for a few years in the mid 80s so I'm not the only one who has enjoyed it. Highly recommended. To steal a phrase from Lido, "if you can find a better auto book, read it!"
  3. TMoney


    By all means let me know what you think of it. Having read the comics back in college I can't say I'm in a rush to watch, but it sounds like other fans have been mostly enjoying it.
  4. TMoney


    We do agree. We just have different tolerances for pretension Watch what you enjoy. If you don't enjoy it, don't watch. I have no problem with people liking or not liking the things that I enjoy.
  5. TMoney


    Honestly, with Zaslav at the helm now it feels like we need to enjoy things like WW while we still can. The Discovery+-ification of HBO and Warners is coming and I'm not very hopeful that niche, pretentious TV will have a place in it.
  6. The X-Files I was a little too young for this show when it originally aired. I have a strong childhood memory of watching an episode (IIRC the show aired directly after The Simpsons on Sunday nights) that was so scary it gave me nightmares for weeks. It is funny to find out later that that particular episode, s4e2 "Home," with a family of mutants who keep their mother stored under the floorboards, was so outrageous that the Fox network would never re-air it. In any case, the structure of X-Files makes it a good one to dig back through. Only about 1/4 of the episodes are "mythology arc" episodes that actually advance the overarching plot, while the remainder are "monster of the week" one-off episodes. Wikipedia has a good guide to the mytharc episodes that I've been following along with. Between following the mytharc and interspersing the critically acclaimed monster-of-the week episodes from various folk's "top episodes" lists the show is a pretty entertaining watch. Talk about casting the two perfect leads. My favorite episode so far, s3e4, "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose," was every bit as good as it was hyped to be!
  7. Happy birthday, Todd!
  8. RIP Bill Russell. One of the great American sportsmen of the 20th century. A true champion and a gentleman who brought respect and dignity to his sport. He had been declining physically for a long time but it is sad to see him go. Also sorry for your loss, Jim. A lovely dog indeed.
  9. Dusty the Chalkman said it was good. I agree. I like these guys quite a bit. ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - XI: BLEED HERE NOW
  10. TMoney


    I didn’t know whether to trust this show again. Season 3 was such a clusterfuck I that I couldn’t believe they brought the show back at all. I’m glad I gave it another chance. I don’t really know where this new season is headed but so far they seem to have learned from their extravagances in season 3 and got back to the mind-fuckery that drew us all to Westworld to being with.
  11. I am sad for Charles. He had a win within his grasp.
  12. Pistol Danny Boyle telling the story of the Sex Pistols? I like the cast. I like the story. The music is as killer as ever. I'm halfway through the mini-series and having a great time.
  13. I'll just say this, there are going to be millions of people upgrading from 5-10 year old Airs like my boss just did and I predict most of them will be very happy.
  14. Pretty good episode of the Trump show today. Profiles in Courage by Josh Hawley.
  15. Sometimes I just feel like a little country and western. Marty Robbins - Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs
  16. I helped my boss get his new M2 Air set up. It replaces a 2014 Air. It is amazing to see what 8 years of innovation looks like.
  17. Maybe in. The actives cost a ton more than the passives but might be worth it.
  18. Speaking of live music, what are people using as ear plugs these days? I've tried one of the audio-focused brands and some walgreens/rite-aid foam specials, but I don't love what either does to the sound beyond lowering the decibels. Are custom earplugs made from molds worth it? Is there a better off-the-shelf solution I'm missing? Any advice would be appreciated!
  19. Avril Lavigne and Machine Gun Kelley in Oakland.
  20. TMoney

    Get your game on!

    Brent and I tried this escape room game out (on game pass). It is actually pretty fun! Though he makes some... I guess we can say 'interesting' choices in life, Brent's MENSA status has not been in question for me and he turns out to be a pretty decent partner for solving logic puzzles.
  21. Nice NYT write-up on DTS: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/07/14/magazine/formula-1-miami-drive-to-survive.html
  22. FWIW I cast audio from my iphone to my sonos system (which I believe has AP2?) and have not had any audio delay issues while watching video on the iphone.
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