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  1. Such a situation, Thank you for maintaining! I thought this was only me!
  2. I've loved this stuff. T Minus 5's Drummer was my band /orchestra teacher. I am Out for two weeks due For to long, mass sJitposting. I will leave and log out now. I Am comfortable with what is in the mirror And one day I will read this Linked/attached file. No more OT of mine. I'm caught-up. This is misgivings post and a paper... for the likes of me... someday. I don't want to sell Kevin Gilmore Stuff. Ever is good. If I can get away with NOT screwballing. I like this place [can I underscore that.] And the People: I just tried. Nowhere else to leave a doc, but I want to post that last MiTE for the curious, including Me.... please leave me out of this if there were a private-showing after that. Thanks and see you in a couple weeks. After things are better. For each person concerned... about my influences../.\ Thanks for having me look°around every couple of days or weeks. I don't feel the need to post in all that many places for the next month Or Few. Thank U I had another song and it was an ICE-e but it has slipped my mind.. an849 (1) (1) (1).pdf
  3. OkHaving fun (but will watch it from now on! If fortunate enough I may tend to post every other week here or so. I enjoy "The Kid Laroi" sometimes twice a month. It is fairly cool in my mind; If a surely different taste for sure. Some his tracks thoroughly annoy me nonetheless, they're easy to enjoy.
  4. I have an EUVL F5X I recently acquired in need of help/work. I need to develop skills first. We have a fantastic "Interwest Electronics repair" but they're Booked!! EDIT: I Almost forgot a photo, attached for final edit. Just took it. And I repaired an old gifted coffee machine I got a couple of weeks ago. These things are too silly-fun Waiting for milk carafè in the mail. Bought the diffuser, milk carafè, and control boards, and I may need another piece. Gran Dama Avant couldn't be less my style tho. Also building an Über-amp courtesy of Soren_b in the next 5 weeks. Very busy with school until end of June, but will Squeeze the Uber amp in for certain... qnd I have a second cr2040 for the Set of Quads in the kitchen-lR. I need those tone controls badly. Eventually I'll modify the T1. I wanted to run multiple sets from the Realiser for company and my friend who lives with me... I'll be formally working in a plant or tooling facility by August for certain. Back to school in fall.. or something.. like online and auto didactic life plus my local group and lifelines to move forward. Will update with repaired Quads in a couple weeks, hopefully. Building a jig and will explain the reasoning for it. I want to determine resonance of each panel before finishing. Also considering custom panels made through Altium... which I have yet to learn for laughs.. I picked up the spare louvers already.. I am, my wallet is about broke! Back to work soon..! So far the 2x cheapie costco subs are not half bad... I daresay I am happy. Also painting the Yammy 1ks By two weeks from now 2! WiP'ogress, after this I need to focus on the automation technology program for a while.. I worked at autoliv for 8 months as a "Delivery guy" and all their machinery is custom. So I get some stuff... I worked the lines for about 2 or 3 weeks when they needed help. Their machine is also all Custom. Nothing is offshelf in that plant. I'm considering diamond coating and diamond-esq tooling production, if I turn out lucky enough to do that as it's only a few miles from the house. That was 10 years ago... but I am in a CoVid Relief Act Automation program at the school. For me it works.
  5. Working on the Quads today, at my own favorite rental... refurbishment and placement in the coming week or two. Mr Bear came from St George, just got back from the 2.5day trip! Had a really good time, Back to "Realising" Hoping that everyone is great in spite of myself, and well, this room is finally coming along! 🙌 Things have been pretty good around here these passed few weeks.. looking at 32/5 channel realiser captures. I did a 39 channel Professional grade atmos cinema 2 and a half months ago after trying to get in since Thanksgiving! I am willing to share these Captures, with any HC'er interested with an A16 that will be appreciative! Andy used to have the A8, has he picked up his 16 already? I will do those yammer-Hammer NS1000' eventually in a close friend's large and well treated ManCave Studio [22 by 24Ft], switching between rooms on the fly IS a treat for mixed media, even most 2channel stuff.. Whenver I am home this is what I tend to use. The 2 Year old dried Pecan wood seen under-island goes 5 or 6 inches above the Teli! That is also Black Locust Live-Edge, and Box-Elder supporting the Quad and Yammies' NS1k. I hope you enjoy my few, 5 or 6 captures (rented Focal Solo6 monitors) through a Realiser one day... not that any captures will be shared from that less than-ideal room. ! You only equalize for the speakers at 90Deg off-the T.V But I am interested in sharing good A16 captures in many-channel with HeadCasers, Mostly... nobody on the other spot wanta to make any... Andy, we met in 2016, did you get your A16? I don't want a pm to seem offensive 4 years after that fact. After all this Time. Either- Any prirs I share that I've made, I would prefer remain private. Prirs are sensitive things, I also built and painted that paint-grade maple Costa-rica and topside-offpink beige a few months back for this room.
  6. Just checking in, Want to thank dsatsvik for -designing) the miniMAX project that I did when I was 16... Anyway, just jamming. I am not much of a diyer these days. Repairing some quads soon Wishing everyone well around my favorite site ever!
  7. I have heard these headphones and they are good for certain. Probably better or as much fun as an Sr Lambda. Or on equal playing field depending on what is driving what. I would love to have a pair of these. I've wondered when somebody would bring these 💎 gemly cans up. I hope at least a few other people here do have some experience with these. They're a piece of history. Edit: My mistake, I had thought these were the electret-dynamic hybrid AKG 340's.. Cool headphone which is also a very real contender and has a unique presentation and sig. Never tried the 240...
  8. HD 800 plus hpeq or Sorrodje's SuperDupontResontor modification, or campfire audio solaris for Darin Fong's OOYH and Smyth A8 prir files for Netflix or film and 2 channel or surround presets. I have to see if OOYH can be run from Android. I sold the solaris recently due to expense but in the future I would like another diamond like carbon iem for Dsp through the phone. On Android if ever Darin gets it working! I will probably update this post very soon about the Android functionality if I hear back from Darin, whom always promptly replies to requests about Out Of Your Head software. living room setup, laptop to Stax Lambda Signature from 727 with Out Of your Head A8 realiser AIX studio 5.1 and 7.1 prir. And Adam A7x prirs. I find out of your head to be remarkably convenient because you can just process through software from the source device rather than in an actual Realiser A8. So it's what I actually use. This thread is really cool.
  9. Now somebody is speaking the right language. Interesting, Isn't that funny, Sr 50"8"
  10. Sad day.. ^^ Safety people. Please ground properly unless you're wearing an "I R Spritzer" T-shirt.
  11. Happy Birthday Tmoney! Make this one count! Life is good!
  12. Hi HD man. There's a board run going on right now.. If you're looking for a board set, try pm'ing him. Edit: I think HDman's post was deleted. I think Lil' Knight is doing a board run right now. I forget if the other projects are avaialable.
  13. You find offers to the solutions of the problems you asked openly offensive... Stop trolling.. I offered you a service which you were looking for.. That is all.. I went out of my way to communicate with you as you seemed like a guy looking for a solution. I even offered my phone number in good faith.. I have work study at the University.. I spent half of my time trying to help you yesterday. And you claimed you wanted someone to build it. There's nothing more I can do. You're welcome to post whatever you want.. If you post it up people will see what an absolute prig you were regarding the slew of the information I gave you. That won't make it valid or even intelligent. Good luck with your build. I hope you can pursue your build as desired. I don't doubt you can if you just take the time.
  14. HD man, upon talking to you, I think You're not realizing what you're getting yourself into. I understand you'd like to pay 'a professional' to build the amp for 44$/hr *cough*. You do realize all this guy's going to do is fill the boards for you? That's two full days of labor (9-10 hrs per day I'm guessing, even if he has all the parts in front of him). And then you have wiring, sure. This is a little faster, but not by much. You also don't know weather to buy simply things like 600V or 1000V wire, gauge or PVC or Teflon. Or cotton/wax coat everything. You know nothing about the specifics let alone the general picture, and it's scary. And frankly I'm sick of reading your posts on it. If you want to get this done, you need to do some real research. You need to learn how to study before you ask questions. Right now you are beyond help. So get with the program. Just to fill the board is likely going to cost you around 20 hours in 44$ labor/hr labor if it's 'the guys' first build. You might have a day or two of wiring times too. Oh, and by the way, we forgot to mention, mouser does not import all the parts you'll need to find part substitues. Realistically, if you want to get your amp right the first time, even seasoned Veteran's spend at least one full day in parts searching. I spent three days of free time on/off double checking everything. All-all it came to about 15 hours or so. Just because it sure sucks to be wrong! And not many people (want to) afford the disgrace of frying the whole board. You need to read the thread as you order your parts. Congratulations, you might just get up to your wiring done. If this is your first build, you're likely to have a hard time. - - Read the forums and find every scrap of information you can for a full month. Take notes of diamonds in the rough. Pull your head out of your @$$ and do some real research (by yourself) if you want to do this. I'm sick of reading your posts. This is NOT Head-fi, godbless. Herp-derp is not tolerated. (Refer to figure 1.1a) Please leave the nature of Head-fi on Head-fi. When you want to get serious post here. This is just a warning to help you, continuing down where you're going; you're likely to insert something backwards, ~~KA-BOOM!~~ order and insert wrong or garbo parts that break down early, use weak wiring (obviously) you're planning to use a shit attentuator, which potentially even ruins the point of the build, have no idea of how the 'casework' and selection process on the front therein works, you likely may isolate something badly and fry half the gear on your board. (Which literally creates 3-4 times the work of the original KGSSHV, and then you have to troubleshoot, which I'm guessing you cannot do. But I guess you could 'pay that guy' to do that. Lol, the charges become expensive. And because of your inhability to research, most of us do not want to read about your problems. Again, my motivation: Those of us here are tired of reading stupid posts. I'd prefer not wade through your posts for awhile, as the bullshit is already up to here. Please refer to HeadCase's welcome message.
  15. Wicked good. I bet your engrossed in your 009's. Outstanding casework on both builds.
  16. Hi PICaudio, Have any jacks and pins left!? I'd love to hit you up for two or three.
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