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  1. Somewhat close to this but yes. A past personal experience gone bad which is why I find it mentally disturbing. @Oldie's comment: Not sure if serious. If you think spritzers/KG's intentions are to sabotage Cavali Audio's reputation and business, think again.
  2. 5W resistors? Damn I got some similar looking ones with bolt mounts on the sides that are rated at 25watts, I'd hate to see what 15-25W rated resistors looked like in the 60's.
  3. For some odd reason I found that last gif somewhat disturbing.
  4. Are you going to replace those "Silicon Diode - 1's" ? Those are some massive resistors at the back there, 15-25watt rated?
  5. Sucks about the 009.. Anyway just for brand/manufacturer sakes. Vishay or On Semi 1N4007/1N5408, price is few cents more than the On semi. @spritzer, I think I will go for a bit of safety's sake in case the 1N4007 1a ain't enough for the SRA-3S, so I'll probably opt for the 1N5408's.
  6. Think that one is the infamous Stax fart.
  7. For anyone interested here is a copy of the original PM Amo's shot me, gilency and shellyh with: Gilency, DefQon and Shellyh, I've deleted your posts at the end of MH's KGSSHV vs. LL thread, as i'm not going to allow the Stax Mafia vendetta against Alex to spill over to Head-Fi. Even if there is merit in what spritzer says, all three of you can't not be aware that he has had a huge grudge against Alex since the eXStatA, to the point that they went, and are going, out of their way, to wreck him and his business. I pointed out to spritzer that if he has genuine concerns about Alex's products, he should contact Alex. So far he hasn't. Yet he has no problem going as far as buying one of his products second-hand just to take it apart and find fault with it. Ultimately I hope you understand my decision, even if you don't agree with it. Amos CC: moderators. What I think here is that HF thinks spritzer/KG is shit stirring with Cavali/Alex because of some quarrels in the past between Alex and spritzer/KG. But really all I see it all along is Cavalli/Alex may have had a disagreement in the past and might've ignored the help from KG/spritzer as Alex pretty much has given the middle finger to the Stax mafia. So now the Stax mafia will have to rectify Cavali's "fuckups" the hard way due to some issues in the past. I mean the original argument was about posting schematics of another in-production amp, shouldn't it be sensible for the manufacturer/MOT to fix issues with in-production models or if not, provide schematics for user servicing if required? Hasn't this been the way with audio and amplifiers since the 1960's? Btw, need MOAR pictures.
  8. I meant aesthetics wise it looks kind of plain jane. No offense or anything it's got the plain jane look similar to the ALO Studio 6. I want more bling like BHSE level. I do own and like the low-end Jonokuchi so I don't have anything against Pete Millet's designs/amps.
  9. $5k is a bit excessive on amp like this (looks perspective point).
  10. I call dibs for packaging labels changed from contains awesome to MOAR AWSUM. Also does it come with JPS wires so we can hope for magical lepricorns to pop out once the amp is fired so we get AWSUM sound?
  11. Yeah thats the first one I've seen I remember reading the old Stax thread where Carl had seen one go as well for about the same price range. So you did win them? Nice..... (The 334 feedback person was me, hehe) but I really didn't expect them to go for so much, even more than the SR-1. Let us know on how they sound.
  12. Talk about crazy bidding, sort of surprised even for the rarest Stax around http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/STAX-SR2-Electrostatic-Headphones-/221286604712
  13. haha nice one. Speaking of the Liquid Gold, ain't that Alex's latest creation dubbed the Lau or something - a $6-7k amp or am I just confusing that with Craig's Levi?
  14. I found it quite odd that my post (comment on the soldering) was deleted as well. Guess HF is all about pulling the wool over our eyes. Who gives a shit if somebody has a grudge against Cavali Audio, if people are paying near $5000 samolians for this amp than it should represent a $5000 amp.
  15. The quality of that PCB looks so cheaply made. I bet a few quick desolders and the trace will be ripped off.
  16. I still can't get the fact that thing retailed at $4800. Not $480, $4800. You know there were some rumors back then after the LF was praised and some internal shots of a prototype LL was posted, naysayers justified that the thing was just plainly not worth the asking price, well I'm glad it's confirmed now subjective or not. Even if you count in labor costs and shit, I've seen bog standard DIY'd KGSSHV's sold for less than $4.8k and still look more polished with crimped connectors to the AEC outlet than this amp.
  17. Holy shit thanks man. SRA-7S? Wow didn't think there was one, going to post some pictures? Didn't see anything on YJ if that's where you got it from. EDIT: Just thinking of something else now any possibility of ECC99's in the 3S with/without extensive mods, like the T1? Also just read what you've posted on the other site, I haven't had a proper look at the circuit but where should the output resistors go for safety sake?
  18. Anyone here have the schematics to the SRM-1 amp? I do wonder what Stax headphone Stax originally sold it with the SRM-1 amp. I know the SRM1 MK2 and SRD-7sbmk2 was sold with the Lambda Pro's, SRD-(n) energizers with the other SR-(n) headphones, but I wonder what the original earspeaker was sold with the Mk1's as a complete package. @Spritzer: What diodes did you replace the originals ones in your SRA-3S rebuild? Can the 1N4007 be a suitable drop in replacement? It is nearby 4x0.47uf 600v Toshie axial supply caps besides the two dual section 350v ELNA's .
  19. Seems that you have brought the KS can's up to a "decent level", how is the rebuild on the M-10 amp?
  20. Thanks for that. I'd use that as guide to work out how much needed to drop 70v. Is 600v for a pro-bias Stax bad in the long term?
  21. Thanks for the link. Massive shame they cut off the master servers for MP, it was good while it last. Grid 2 sucks.
  22. Checking in again on the repair on my SRM-1. Received the class N jfets from UTSource, desoldered both the old ones, diode tested the lot to get a balanced pair. Soldered her in and voila, it's singing sweet tunes to me again. Measured all voltage points and the sc1828's have gone up an extra 30vdc but measure consistently throughout the circuit. Next step rebuild bias section. @spritzer what resistor/diode did you use in your voltage divider to drop 600 b+ to pro bias mark?
  23. Any recommendations for a dual volume control stereo 50k pot? (One's used on SRM1 MK2's etc)
  24. Do you folks that use android leave your devices stock or root it/install custom roms etc?
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