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  1. EMI filter cores? Hmm hopefully nothing like the badly designed SACD series Sony had back in the day that all had grounding issues with the PCB's. Sweet looking 1TB music player though.
  2. For me at least I sort like the look of the original Jade having a bit of resemblance to the HE90, haven't heard the KS or Jade though but read the horror stories on them dealing with reliability and extremely poor construction where some units broke on first listen. More e-stat's in the market means competition for Stax which we might see lesser expensive models be it a new flagship or an entry level, but I can't see this happening soon unless Sennheiser or Koss or maybe even Sony got together and released something crazily good since these are the only few companies around still with experience in the e-stat field. There is a poll thread started by purrin dating back to last year to encourage Hifiman to bring out another Jade successor, there's bits of pieces of information (credibility unknown) here and there in the thread to do with the next e-stat from H-man.
  3. Instantly reminded me of my Gamma's. We need more e-stat's on the market than planars. Actually no, let me correct myself we need more less expensive but very good sounding headphones. Where is the Jade v2.0 that they've been prototyping all this time?
  4. lol I showed that schematic to a local builder who has been building and repairing amps mainly tube speaker and some solid state designs since the VFET days, he just giggled. I actually didn't know the price of the ALOStudio6 until Spritzer mentioned it while ago with it using shit trafo's what the fucking fuck $4k for something that looked $1k max sort of like the Woo stuff, big, intimidating and nice chassis but underwhelming sound for the price. Coincidentally I bought one of the 6P1 amp's from that site while ago, for the price $200 shipped, you are bang on the money with the crappy quality parts used (generic resistors, caps and shit soldering and wiring technics), but for the price just for the trafo, chassis and some of the re-usable parts it's pretty good and with a bit of extra $$ and time to fix either fucked up CCS or SRPP stage used as output it actually sounds nice, you can go further with an O-scope and make sure you get no fucked oscillating noise from the circuit and go further fixing it up, still worth it in my books definitely good way to learn about diy tube amps rather than just theorising all the Morgan Jones diy tube book in your head without an actual project to work on. Some of these big shill companies should just fuck off already and leave us alone, especially the clueless fucks on head-fi thank fucking god I ain't active on that shit anymore (excuse and pardon some of the few folks there that actually do provide non shill input to the threads). Now I'm pissed.
  5. What the fucking shit $2400? Are they trying to compete with the Altman Tera player in terms of price or what?
  6. You can make it even more complicated by adding mosfets into the design.
  7. Awesome...PM'd. Yeah was thinking along the same thing and only carefully opened them up given how fucked the dust filter was, luckily the diaphragm looked untouched no holes. Looks to be of something good in my books given how bad it was but they should've nailed it in the first go before releasing it.
  8. SR-3N came in, no sound unless I crank it up to max on the volume dials of my Accuphase power amp thats feeding the supplied SRD-5, swapped it for my SRD-7sb mk2 same results and finally my SRM-1. Opened the housing, dust filter was completely pushed in and full of holes, ripped it off, carefully dissembled driver and the diaphragm inside looks fine. Maybe lost its charge? Outter cups are yellow seems the past idiot owners must've had this sitting under the sun. No clue on fix but for $80 it seems acceptable to be used as spares. Anybody have SR-3N drivers for sale? Wachara are you able re-membrane these for me?
  9. I really get frustrated when reviewers state the latest headphone as the greatest because it's the most expensive. Can JPS just fuck off now? Kay.
  10. Maybe include some DAC's too. So who would win between a trio battle of Ray vs Mikhail vs Alex?
  11. The T1W sounds crap. Prefer the T1S over it.
  12. John you have been banned at the other site??!!
  13. Man that sucks for you I'd lose my shit if I had found out some scratches on a $3.6-4.5k headphone. Anyway @ Birgir: Slightly low volume output and some distortion from both channels (once you turn the dials up) on an SR-3 off a SRD-5 adaptor, what could be the possible causes? I'm thinking the SRD-5 adaptor as I just purchased this combo from YJ and hoping to give it some TLC and get it up and going properly when it arrives at my doorsteps, so I'd think it's good to brainstorm some preliminary solutions to the problem. Cheers
  14. I have to admit AN's double C-core's are very nice looking. Maybe some for future stat amp builds?
  15. Silver trafo's eh? Sounds almost like Audio Consulting's silver line trafo offering for CD/SACD/DVD transports few years back. I don't think the silver provides any difference to sound compared to regular copper, it might just made more strictly to spec with the near perfect windings required for matching specifications.
  16. Been waiting for those pictures for a long time The stator looks a bit dirty inside like some sort of rust build-up? Any serial sticker inside the cups? I know my SR-3 and SR-5 has them. Very curious as to how many SR-2's were produced in 1968...maybe it was used for prototyping the SR-3?
  17. +1, me being bit picky I don't dig the red PCB colour though. :/ Yeah only temporarily.
  18. +1. While I don't think everything is crap including the users (some folks are alright) on the other site but I've come to my senses not too long ago that there is just too much noise, compared to when I was lurking back in 2004 and delightfully reading (the Trevor Network fraud with KG's Dynahi amp builds, some SP issues and the Rudi stuff), it's slowly developed a trend of strong censorship with what you can post and what you can't, than everything gets covered up and naysayers get banned by mods and everybody move on again. I think at the end of the day it's all about generating enough attention and noise with buying new shiny new gear and such from a business perspective on HF's behalf, I don't really have much of a problem with that but it's some of the posters that piss me off that need to learn to separate fact from opinion and vice versa. Is it that fucking hard?
  19. I was like when I read one of the post that mentioned the Lau is the best dynamic amp available because it is the most expensive and that Cavali prices the amp accordingly as to what can compete against it and obviously a step up from the GSX MK2 because it is MOAR expensive. Fuck me some people are absolutely clueless with a flawed logic.
  20. Yes but maybe not to the extent you had with your R10's.
  21. Size, mica structure and (if 0 getter) looks awfully similar to a 6005/6aq5, though only pushed to max about 280-350vdc. Unless it's the Chinese/Russian version similar to how they made 6p1's to handle up to 350vdc easily from a bog standard el84/6bq5/6p14.
  22. Omg this had me in tears. Btw, I had the exact same problem with my old HD580's, the crinks need a bit of heat to reshape back to normal. I fixed mine by sleeping with it, enough heat to retract the membrane to normal.
  23. No beers man I'm sober for the next few weeks to prepare for my finals needa keep the mind clean and straight. As for that quote lets just say that she was fucking too tight and I went overboard a bit.
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