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  1. Is there any B+ lines to add in a pro-bias output?
  2. What a nice piece of history. Not as dirty as that SRA-3S I posted on the other site while ago but too bad your Stax logo and lettering came off as well. I might need the psd files.
  3. Fucking $45 a pop here down under. Damn Aussie prices. You can also get it terminated through Apuresound. hehe
  4. Come on complin they were only $35000.
  5. But yet again wink you've got way too many headphones and not enough amps. Bhse...do it.
  6. Overclock.net is full of 10 year keyboard warriors, on the other hand are you planning to get more stat's or amp upgrades? As nice as the 950 is you know that ain't the end of the road for you.
  7. Yeh pretty cool that it worked though after reading the ESL thread over on the other site where wachara suggested the idea. Guess mylar is where it's at.
  8. AUD, which given how weak the current Australia to US currency is trading at, similar in final cost after currency exchange if I bought direct from Headamp? Anyway, my SR-3N developed channel imbalance, re-coating the weak channel didn't help much. Pulled the drivers apart and the diaphragm was held down tight to the plastic housing inside which I thought was glued down, well it wasn't underneath there is a big spring which puts tension on the diaphragm (nifty idea Stax), re-coated the otherside of both drivers, little change to my impressions now, sound is forward and about same level as my SR-5 and SR-3 db for db on the volume dial, prior to the double re-coat as I mentioned it sounded little more laid back. These things are quite fun to play around with and just for kicks re-coated glad wrap and tensed it across two O rings of the same size as the 45mm diameter surface area of the SR-3N drivers, it produces sound too though bit sluggish.
  9. I've seen used 440LE's go for around avg $500-650 shipped. Rather than spend money here and there for small gains and unless you're a collector, sell everything you have and invest in an O2 or 009 driven from the 323S for the meantime till you get funds for a KGSSHV or BHSE. \ My non worth while 2c.
  10. Well A2A has it for 7.5k and the RK50 is almost 9k, although avoiding shipping and postage together I'm only a 20 minute drive away or can call up George and inquire about it. Isn't the BHSE 5.5k and 6.3k with RK50?
  11. Thanks for that, but holy shit at the price A2A has it for.
  12. Yeh I need one with normal bias but I'll ask them if all sold out. Is there any optional customisation to the BHSE such as different anodized faceplate colour and the alu-rings for the EL34's? I recall seeing a blue faceplate/alu ring hawaii on the other site. I would mind a blue or purple one. What's the waiting period on a new fresh order?
  13. Justin can the BHSE have normal bias output added during production or is it strictly 2 pro-bias outputs due to the circuit design? Also if I place an order now what's the ETA and waiting period if you're still accepting orders? (230v location) Anyways with the helpful suggestion from wachara, re-coated the membrane of my SR-3N which upon receiving it had pretty much near 0% sound output even if the dial's were on 100% maxed. Now shes rocking but the normal bias connector is completely fucked, exposed wires and all and broken bias connection, need some way of fixing it. Moving onto the sound, little less mids than my SR-5 which is a tad bit more foward sounding, the 3N is little laid back, slightly less in detail but still above most dynamics and planars out there, little less bass than the SR-5 but little more heft to the lows than my SR-3. Soundstage is bit more concentrated at the front position around the head rather than a nice circumaural staging in the center like my SR-5's. Wachara did mention that depending on the material I'am recoating the diaphragm the sound may be tad bit different to a non touched stock SR-3N, so maybe I should hunt down a stock working SR-3N and compare the differences then.
  14. That video never fails to disappoint.
  15. lol @ nikongods post. Is it that time of the year where newbies just come in and bombard HC with shit threads?
  16. Think I've got the same case which I originally bought for my F5 project but no time. Speaking of offboard, I've still got John's (johnmclean) boards half populated.....
  17. SRM-212 interesting. Maybe regulated PS like that other SRM model can't think of it at the moment.
  18. I actually don't mind the look of the Lambda lineup, better than the metal pos JPS has out on the market for $5.5k (including the cables). I like wood so I like to see Stax release some models using wood and before anybody chimes in Larry from headphile did not invent wood lol.
  19. Two entirely different things which are not going to happen.
  20. Last company I'd expect to get into the headphone-dom, McIntosh if you're reading this please stick to your amp's and preamp's please.
  21. Old article but generally polyprops, foil or pio have the biggest effect in crossovers.
  22. Modded Schit Lyr, K1k's? power house??? You sure that isn't the Yggdrasil you're talking about?
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