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  1. I have found a good SS will clear out the muddy and congested mess the LCD's exhibit (except the X and XC) but not very good with the HE-5LE, 500 and 6's which are a bit sibilant sounding compared to the LCD 2 and 3. Some tube amps and orthos ime just don't match. My passive and balanced b22 sounded pretty good with the LCD2's and 3's. I have heard a se Dynahi with the LCD3 which sounded pretty nice. The b22 is a fairly bright sounding though and the Dynahi was just right sounding, in fact the only headphone I'd recommend with the b22 is a the HD650's, a magical sounding combination if you don't like tubes. Not sure how goes the balanced Dynamites, Dynahi's, Dynalo, Dynabolt and Headamp dynamic family amp's. Probably a step up a notch from the b22. The b22 is still a great sounding amp if you pay heavy attention on your source and headphone.
  2. It sounded ok when I listened to them through my HD600/800's I tried at the time, my Crack sounded better with the HD600's and was about on par with the WA5 with the 800's. But neither amp was the optimum solution with the HD800's which I thought sounded better through the Stratus (apparantly also frowned here due to bad design or cheap parts used). Speaking of the SRD-7, there was a listing on YJ a while ago with some tricked out SRD-6 or something with extra output transformers mounted and 2 triode tubes, any idea what it was?
  3. Wow, that's a great amount of nothing special and a waste of Vcap's. After popping up a WA5LE and hearing it, it concluded what I think of Woo Audio, quality and fancy enclosure and case work, but mediocre sound. At least Spritzer thinks the WA6 and WA2 are ok sounding, I think the entire lineup is a fad. Without the Woo Audio "brand" just another lineup of cheap sounding amplifiers. Now if Woo Audio changed the pricing on the WA2 or WA5 to $900-1200, then I think it's ok but not "great".
  4. I think it may have been -/+400, there was a PDF posted somewhere on it can't remember. Noted on the recommendation. Heh, got a 727 lying around as well somewhere that needs to be modded, wasn't it the 727 or 717 when modded is pretty much a KGSS? I know Antonyfirst from the other site did it accordingly to his amp with KG specifications and liked it very much with his O2 mk1 before he sold it and now building a T2.
  5. I can't seem to find it as google returns no results from possible matches from this site, but I do remember somebody (think Kevin himself) discussing and posting a schematic of an updated mod to the SRM-323S to increase the output power to 450v, would be great if somebody or Kevin himself chimed in with the pdf and what needs to be removed and added in place in the 323S for MOAR powah. I've got a spare 323S lying around so want to give it a go. cheers
  6. Let us know if it turns out to be a good design or not and whether or not it can be fixed easily if it's bad, did a currency conversion and a $600 KGSS is a pretty bargain.
  7. Yeah I'm over it anyway saves me from wasting my breathe and effort replying to some of the nonsense post(s) on that site anyway.
  8. I was banned by Anakchan. After he cleaned up my response to the post mentioned in the above link, I was being chased by him via PM's for 3 weeks up until the April Fools Astell and Kern K480 $5k DAP thread, 3 weeks before he posted a link to the head-fi posting guidelines which he said if I agreed or not but I never responded then up until I made a few posts in the Astell and Kern thread he sent me a PM threatening me that he would lock me out of all threads on Head-fi from posting if I didn't agree to the link he sent me. I told him straight up that he was making a threat and that Jude runs the forum not him but the catch is I never agreed or disagreed to anything so I was coming from a neutral position. Few minutes later I received a new from him which I didn't get to view and couldn't because I was banned. KG asked me about it and mentioned I should take it up with Jude, but what's the point?
  9. The former it seems. But from what I've heard from other members first time is 6 months then permanently on the next occurrence. Personally I don't give a shit not being able to post but I'd really like it if they could restore read and write access to PM's whilst banned then I can tell certain people to go pound sand without a nosy mod or admin up my ass.
  10. Yes indeed but I'm more spewing about my profile being banned which has led to me being unable to view PM's on a whole and I have received 6 new PM's since being banned, one of those PM could be my promotion to being an official head-fi Moderator or Administrator.
  11. lol ^ Sounds to me he hasn't even heard a KGSSHV, BHSE or 009's at all or even in the same room or combination. But oh wait I do recall him posting about his impressions on the mediocre findings he found with the KGSSHV he heard at a meet, like meet impressions even mean anything, a great way to trying new gear yes, but not the last thing you'd rely on when somebody else asks you "ohh how is amp x, y and z" because you spent 10 minutes with said amp's in a noisy environment listening to the demo Lady Gaga cd. The other funny thing I've noticed is since he sold his HE60 and buying the Omega, his posts almost sound like "ohh I've heard and own the Omega now and I can rip on things I haven't heard or owned".
  12. http://www.head-fi.org/t/677809/the-stax-thread-iii/2235#post_10520779
  13. Since I'm blacklisted on the other site what is the big white enclosure amp with the 5 tubes on top?
  14. Some people couldn't get a hold of him over on the other site but have had more luck here.
  15. I hope WE re-releases the 274A/B rectifiers, having just bought a pair of EML b versions they were not cheap.
  16. In case anybody here is interested in sourcing parts. http://www.ebay.com/itm/301165029880?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  17. Wow that's pretty cheap excluding shipping costs to down-under. A lot cheaper compared to the $128 a local supplier is asking for.
  18. How much does Edcor charge for the custom toroidial's built per KGSSHV PS spec?
  19. Or have one custom milled out of a fresh billet of alu or some nice grain revealing wood. I'm thinking nice stained wooden cheeks on my offboard KGSSHV and wooden knob, wish it could drive speakers as there is literally no e-stat in this house no more (or headphones for that matter).
  20. Let the amp warm up a bit around 5 minutes or so then adjust the bias/offset, values tend to drift a bit if you adjusted on a cold start up compared to warm up period, at least the procedure I take with all ss amps when making adjustments with bias and dc offset.
  21. Can the KGSSHV be tuned for 16mA? Think I read reports somewhere on the other site while ago that the KGSSHV can be set at 16mA to match the BHSE?
  22. Maybe you should tell them to go to the nearest sand pit and go pound sand.
  23. Really digging the new form factor! Especially the 2 on the left. Are you going into production mode and going to start selling KGSSHV's? Would really nicely fill in the gap with Justin's stuff whereas he has the Aristeus and BHSE. Now all we need is somebody making Megatron's and T2's.
  24. My bad thought I'd get a nudge to read my welcome pm from posting some of my ramblings here about the other site. On the other hand I'm pretty surprised at the near 50% off price slash from the existing amp prices Alex has put on. Makes you wonder how cheap the Cavali stuff really are if the markup's are that high....
  25. Anything that gets me pissed except for wine.
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