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  1. I'm surprised Cavalli is still around. Thought he was trying to sell the business?
  2. DefQon

    Stax L700

    While I couldn't stand the 507's, the 404 LE is a far cry from bright sounding compared to the X07 Lambda family. Found both the LNS and LS to be lot brighter sounding than the 404 LE, but the LE I had was a bit different (no serial number at all).
  3. DefQon

    Stax L700

    The MrSpeakers Ether headphone is a piece of shit, yes I have owned it. Almost anything will sound better then it.
  4. I'd say it definitely depends on the capacitor itself. I have read on diyaudio and have used/still have a small inventory of mill spec Europe make Roederstein, Siemens and Rifa capacitors that have a shelf life of 20+ years with manufacture batch codes from 1978 the earliest with no problems but need to be reformed before any voltage is applied to them. Have had them measured for impedance, variance/tolerance, capacitance, esr, vloss and all are within specifications. Cracked some of them open and the electrolyte liquid are still present within and outside the foil.
  5. Well you know what it is like at the end of day, money is everything. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  6. I had the VI which was pretty good for its money especially when compared to the Woo crap. But yeh both pretty bad.
  7. Or get in contact with Dennis Had directly via his email and see if he can give some pointers on troubleshooting/what is wrong. He did so with a few Cary products that went south that I owned years back.
  8. Sounds like a report on dealers from the remaining brick and mortar stores that deal with high end audio having a bitchfest.
  9. The dust / moisture lens is crinkled mylar. You can use food/sandwich bags as a poor man's alternative.
  10. Weird. Definitely find the Lambda Pro to be a bright headphone. Not as bright as the Signature though. Can't stand that crap What about the 202 and 207s? 202 and 207 are leaner and brighter but have good clarity. You might be finding the LP bright due to an upper mid etch. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  11. Well it worked. But getting the same (not as much) static distortion going on in upper registers when I turn volume up and up. This problem started happening after I re-did the psu board. I think I fucked up somewhere and will replace all parts again. EDIT: Well it turns out the interstage board had a shorted 2SK30 O grade jfet and was messing up the signal path when the volume is turn up with buzzing and with I.S engaged, a huge mono like sound. Problem persisted after I re-worked the PSU board with replacing all diodes and changing the snubber capacitors for the diodes from 3300pf to 10nf which is the value usually used for capacitors in snubber positions. I hope the MKP10 is fine don't have any ceramic or polyesters on hand. Worked a treat after pulling out the boards one by one and the problem disappeared once the I.S board was removed. Now I can stop pulling my hair out. Anyway for anybody who ever needs to replace the transformer in the 12S or 10S (ones with EI Core type xfmr) and want to retain the multi primary input voltage selector, the wire voltages are as follows in the diagram I made: In reference to the picture I've posted few posts above that show my voltage selector from my 12S, the wires are interchangeable for the coloured wires below (if your xfmr is like mine). Grey wire is usually grey. Blue wire can be brown. Black wire can be white. Orange wire can be white. Red wire can be yellow. Brown wire can be red.
  12. True don`t really need another 6moons for headphone gear you`d get 10 pages about some clueless guy talk about prat.
  13. Lambda Pro is dark sounding as shit due to a slight recessed treble how do you perceive it as bright? The 404 LE is pretty smooth.
  14. How much time do you think he spends with each headphone he listens to when he does a review? On the other hand Hifiman needs to sell me some of those headphone cables for diy.
  15. Thanks I`m just going to match the wiring from the plug pin number position based off the floating schematics found online for the SRM1 MK2 since majority of Stax transformers that used the old plug style with the voltage selector plug are pretty much universal to each other in wiring.
  16. That list is like opening a bag of shit. You get more surprised reading each page you flip. While the Oppo HA-1 was ok for what it does at its price point the Cypher Labs tube amp and the Mac MHA100 has got to be some of the worse sounding amps for its value that I have heard.
  17. Ok so my trafo came, size is just ok as its pretty big for a 65va based off the specs of the above attached pdf. The only problem now is what primary winding wire goes to which pin on the voltage selector? The wire colours are different on the 12S compared to the T1 and SRM1 MK2 schematics you've posted. The plug reads in following orientation downwards: 240v - 117v 220v - 100v
  18. It would in a way seem a bit fairer but imo price still not justified if the $9999 price tag is the package deal for both the headphones and the amp but if its just the headphone, Fang has really lost it. I really really do hope Audeze stick with orthos and not attempt at making ESL headphones at one stage to compete with HFM, if so I could see somebody dying in the near future.
  19. Haha priceless! Cavalli Audio is still around? They may just be another sinking ship like Ray Samuals audio.
  20. One problem affecting these is some startup companies are starting to patent designs, schematics and technologies used over last half century by other companies. The new Enigma hybrid electret headphone is one example, they bought out the patent license for electret technology and trademarked it as there own "Self-bias technology". The new Shure ESL IEM is also another which makes it seem they are the first to put an ESL tech into a portable earphone form-factor where Stax beat them 20 years ago.
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