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  1. Time to get into opera? My grandfather just gave me his whole collection on vinyl. Here's what it contains: http://s74.photobucket.com/albums/i253/GPH03/Opera/
  2. Kyocera CM-45 CF Hand Coffee Grinder My old grinder died and I did some online reading to find a replacement. Never thought there could so much information and discussion about coffee grinders. It looks like a hand grinder is my best bet for a burr grinder unless I want to spend north of 200$ so I went with that.
  3. Or the fact that some schools in the US teach creationism on the same level as evolution.
  4. Hope it works out well for you! Where are you from originally?
  5. Sad day for Canada, now we have 4 years with a Bush-like majority government full of right-wing libertarians and religious crazies. Only 16% of people in Quebec voted for this government, shows how united this country is.
  6. Voted. Hopefully we can overthrow this shitty conservative government.
  7. I just heard it'll be another 30 mins before Obama speech.
  8. Been to any playoff games so far Dan?
  9. Last night defeat was painful. We had a million more chances to score than Boston, but we didn't and our defense was atrocious. Ryder scoring in OT is the worst... this guy plays around 5 games in the year, but he's there when it counts the most, it was the same when he was in Montreal.
  10. Pretty epic come backs this week by SJ and Washington! I'm looking forward to tonight's Habs game, the winner will take the series IMO. I expect Price to step up after the mistake he made on last game's 3rd goal, and hopefully Thomas will continue distributing gifts.
  11. Nice shoes! I love New Balance running shoes, my feet are wide too and their 2E size is perfect. I'm in the market for new shoes right now and I'm quite curious about the whole "barefoot running" thing, but I'm worried about how my body would react to the change and possible injuries. Currently training for marathon next summer so I'm not sure if it's a good time to make the change.
  12. I discovered this stuff very recently, I find it way better than "standard" yogurt. 20g of proteins per portion and 0% fat, it's super thick and creamy. Mixed with fruits and some sweetener, I honestly think I prefer this to ice cream. I believe you have a brand in the US called Fage.
  13. I liked the Habs game tonight, it reminded be a bit of how they played against the Caps last year. They allowed a lot of shots on Price, but the front of the net was clear for most of the game. They scored on big defensive mistakes by Boston and otherwise did not open the game too much. They didn't get brutalized physically too much by the Bruins, but I somehow expect that to change in the next games. The Panthers are also coming close to this number, but for not being in the playoffs.
  14. I watched the Caps-Rangers OT, epic goal by Semin. What a shot seriously...
  15. Very nice! It'll look even better with an SR-009 on it. What are the stand dimensions in TICEs?
  16. What do you think of the Caps chances this year? I haven't watched many of their games recently, but I've heard they're a completely different team than last year defensively.
  17. Here's mine: Capitals vs Rangers - Washington in 7 Flyers vs Sabres - Philadelphia in 5 Bruins vs Habs - Montreal in 7 Penguins vs Lightning - TB in 6 Canucks vs Hakws - Vancouver in 5 Sharks vs Kings - San Jose in 6 Wings vs Coyotes - Detroit in 4 Ducks vs Predators - Nashville in 6
  18. Last year thread was fun, let's try this again. Make your picks for the 2011 playoffs! *grawk is now a Habs fan, so maybe he'll choose more wisely this year...
  19. This thread has "high roller" written all over it.
  20. I didn't get to watch the game, but I saw the replays today and the Bruins were on fire. I was expecting the Habs to step up after the Pacioretty incident, but I guess it was one of those one-sided high score games that happen once or twice a season. It just sucks that it was against the Bruins. Here's hoping to another classic first round Boston-Montreal match-up.
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