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  1. I've been consuming coffee at home more rapidly than normal due to the work at home rotation I've been on a couple of weeks. That ends after the holiday we're celebrating Stateside on Monday, but my coffee stores were low so I pulled the trigger on some Onyx Coffee Labs goodies....a sample pack and a couple of Indonesian roasts that looked interesting. Reason I'm posting is an app I use found a code IWASNAUGHTY that saved me 15% and shipping is free on orders over $25 right now. Thought I'd share... HS
  2. I've had the opportunity to spend time with all the Heart roasters coffees purchased using the Chemex and the French Press (even the Hoffman method a time or two). I do recommend the sample pack #2 which included two Ethiopians and two Kenyan coffees, described as more fruit and flower. I also added a 12oz bag of Columbian La Toma to enjoy the free shipping. A few observations: they choose and handle the coffees well. Very approachable roasts. The beans look attractive (of varying sizes depending on variety) with very few broken bits and they are roasted to medium based on the five coffees which is a sweet spot for my tastes. My favorite has been the Ethiopian Gedeb which has notes of rose oil, peach and sugarcane. I have to say their descriptions are more sophisticated than I am accustomed to and, frankly, I can sometimes identify. One of the Kenyans was my next favorite. Overall, I'm pleased this thread has me casting my net wider...I can be a creature of habit (understatement...). I believe I'll try Onyx Coffee Lab next once I start running low... HS
  3. RIP, Mssr. Glenn. Godspeed, Fred Willard. Just watched an American Pie movie with neighbors. You made me smile, sir... https://www.rollingstone.com/movies/movie-news/fred-willard-best-in-show-actor-dead-obit-1000942/ HS
  4. RIP, Mr. Horn. Godspeed, Little Richard... You paved a way for many a performer. Thank you for all the entertainment. HS
  5. Godspeed, Don... I was born in Miami and recall as a pup the city exploding on the second Super Bowl win back to back. It was something. Great memories of a class act. RIP, Mr. Greenfied... HS
  6. Best of luck, Dan. On the coffee note, I expect my consumption will normalize now that we're opening our offices back up on a staggered basis. I was going in every third week as I had a designation that allowed it. Good for mixing things up for me, but even those days I'd brew a nice latte before I left. I've gotten caffeine spoiled... HS
  7. New batch of coffees today. Sipping my first cup of one of the Ethiopians. Packaging is very nice as is their mission statement. They roast to my tastes...more to the medium side. I'll report back with more meaningful thoughts once I've gotten to spend some cups with them. HS
  8. My wife has a Garmin I bought her for Xmas and she's a fan. Wears it more than her Omega or Cartier anniversary gifts. Not my thing, but more power to those that are into it. I love audio, video, automobile, laptop, tablet and mobile phone tech. Interconnectivity is a bonus. The smart watch has not called me given the mobility a phone offers but I expect I'm missing something. Won't keep me up at night, though...LOL. HS
  9. I have a vehicle habit that I struggle with...LOL. HS
  10. Stunning collection, ER! Truly. I'm not that far along. I've been struggling to figure out what the sweet spot is for number of watches for me personally. I have a few I hardly ever wear now. Not super fancy, but nice watches that are attractive in my eyes. First world problems... HS
  11. ER, I love it. Super happy with the Jean Rousseau alligator strap I had made with the deployant clasp...that was a game changer for the watch both in wearability and aesthetics for me. The 39mm is a sweet spot for me given I also have a relatively small wrist. I've included a crappy pic which doesn't do it justice, but it's the best I have at the moment. As for the gin, you really need to address that gap! My bar has never been so loaded and my liver has never worked as hard as since this virus arrived... HS
  12. Beautiful pieces, ER! I always wear mechanicals so that decision is for me. On occasion I have been curious about an Apple watch but...no. They don't look visually appealing to me up to this point. Old school I guess. I've been mixing it up when I go out. Mostly the 39mm Oyster, but the Omega FOIS on the croc band is hard to pass up for long. I've been using the blue gilt Baltic Aquascape as my beater and it's been great. I mean serious repeated beatings and keeps great time. Never take off the rubber strap as it is so comfortable and suits the watch well IMO. My older son keeps sniping it during vacations. If he nails a close to perfect semester at university I told him it's his... TBD. HS Been using my Aquascaphe for going to the range...a good bit with zero issues thus far. Great beater. HS
  13. LOL. Have you taken a look at the Hamilton Khaki line? Super clean and great value for money, but perhaps the dial is a touch busy for you. Worth a look if you have not, IMO. HS
  14. Looks like you are definitely in the exploratory phase which is a good thing. Figure out what you want. The G-Shock above has nothing in common with the pilot style watches presented previously. This thing is uuuuuuuuge, has no numerals on the face, is a chrono...I could go on. That's a big watch so hopefully you've got a wrist that can carry it. The good thing is you can beat on it and it will keep on going. Happy hunting. HS
  15. Very nice, Aura! Enjoy... I've now had the opportunity to enjoy each of the four Levercraft offerings several times. Very cool to have a TX roaster on the menu. Overall, I appreciate that they do not over roast their beans. The coffees I prefer (I'm a french press and pour over/Chemex type...Chemex new the last few months) are lighter to medium roasts...that's where the beans find the sweet spot. It's the roasters that get this that I'm inclined to prefer and buy from. My favorite by far is the Yemeni. It is pricey, but it really is special. Only beans I have enjoyed more are those select Ethiopians with all heavy blueberry notes. Then I'm split between the Kenyan and Ethiopian beans. Both very nice and approachable. The notes they suggest I mostly pickup which I find satisfying for some reason. Finally, the Burundi. It's a good coffee. It's just not one of my favorites due to the earthiness...what they refer to as cinnamon I believe. Overall, great find. Thanks, @grawk HS
  16. blessingx, Would you share a bit more about your goals / preferences? Obviously you prefer a simple / uncomplicated style...feels a modern take on a military/avaiation watch from my limited experience. I see a round 40mm, that's a bit over 10mm tall, auto, black and white face with hour and minute markers, see through case back, leather and tang buckle, seconds hand but no date at roughly a $750-$1000 price point. Anything to add or correct? I have to say the Sinn is more to my aesthetic than the Flieger. They run a bit large for my wrist unfortunately as I find some of their styles interesting. Perhaps this Oris as an option. Links to Oris site, jomashop one model, and joma several options... https://www.oris.ch/en/watch/oris-55th-reno-air-races-limited-edition/01-752-7698-4194-set-ts https://www.jomashop.com/oris-watch-751-7697-4164bkfs.html https://www.jomashop.com/jomasearch?query=oris big crown pro pilot# HS
  17. I tried the Burundi. The Yemen is light years above it. The Burundi is not bad but definitely not my favorite. The lemon they profile I get. The cinnamon not so much. To me it's a bit on the earthy side...not quite like a Sumatran but some earthiness there that's not my preferred profile. I'll try one of the others tomorrow. It's fun to have so many new coffees in the house. HS
  18. Point well taken, grawk. Just an observation from a value for money standpoint. Lots of places that produce coffee are heartbreaking IMO so that's a tough call vs say an African country like Ethiopia. Having said that, it is an exceptional cup. Kona I like but it's a bit too delicate for how I drink coffee and it is certainly pricey. Had some nice beans when we last visited. The Blue Mountain...I'd have to revisit. I recall liking it very much, but I'm with you...it's really expensive for what it is. Very cool to support an Austin outfit. HS
  19. My Levercraft order arrived. Over a $50 purchase and shipping was free...I reached out and they sent me the code. It wasn't obvious to me on their site. They also updated their store / available coffees after I contacted them as only two were of interest to me that showed in stock. They had a good bit more than the website reflected at first which made purchasing a lot more satisfying. The coffee arrived promptly via USPS and packed well. A few observations at this point as I've only tried the Yemeni. The Yemeni is as described. A lot going on and some very bright tart cherry/wine flavors. Very interesting. Not a pretty bean...smallish and some tan looking ones, but the coffee is top quality. $24 per half pound??? I dunno...that's by far the most expensive coffee I've purchased. The bottles are interesting. My only concern is that when you open one you get the pfffft of built up gases. I'm assuming it's a CO2 build up and why good coffee comes in bags that allow for it's release over time. So not sure about that part. Beans were roasted recently as marked on the bottles which is always a good sign. More to follow as I get on to the next few. HS
  20. Godspeed Lee and Brian... and the Cohens....that's the real deal! HS
  21. I hit up levercraft for four different types of beans including the Yemen. I'll report back once I've had a chance to sample them. HS
  22. I'm ready for some java and automatically went to DoubleShot. Caught myself and have started a cart on Levercraft. They have pretty slim pickings. I can order the Burundi which is in the cart and I like Ethiopian so that's in the cart. They are out of the Columbian and the Kenyan. I'm not a fan of Mexican origin coffees so I guess that's about it. I'll try to call them in case something is not showing up on my screen. HS
  23. Rest in peace, Mr. Willner...thank you for all the entertainment. Stirling Moss....oh my! Truly one of the greats. Fearless and those were different times when apparently safety was overrated. Godspeed, Stirling....hope you are going around a track of your liking in the sky... HS
  24. It is not uncommon for spectators to be struck there. Definitely a bucket list event. 24 Hours of LeMans night racing....most definitely bucket list. Watching the sun come up at the event is something I need to experience before the party is over... HS
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