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  1. Nice! They look a bit bulky though. Looking for something a bit smaller for sporting clays, unless you think they might not get in the way?
  2. I really like my Pace ST 115. I guess replaced by the ST 125 but all the parts and consumables are compatible and easily available.
  3. Do y’all still like the JH13s (er whatever they are called) with removal filter for ear protection? Makes sense.
  4. I got back into playing turn-based Go. If you interested in playing, I am on OGS now.
  5. I have that reel - the hose still seems to get kinked in unimaginable ways (NTTIAWWT)
  6. Wait, 20’ x 6” boards? How much do each of those weigh?
  7. Is a nutria the same thing as a beaver?
  8. That’s an interesting idea! I think the best option is to get all the drains working right in the first place. one more done, with some concrete so the wood doesn’t rot out.
  9. Is there some gizmo I can put at the bottom of the deck to let the water through but hold back the granite? (I am putting the drain in in the corner of the first picture .. yes I know the first board isn’t parallel…it’s a correction.. and a second one at the gutter downspout which also is causing this issue)
  10. Looks nice! Me running into massive water drainage issues with my backyard project and fortunately got so good rain to test things out (spoiler they failed). Also, learned drain pipe comes in either small or really large (100’) lengths - of course I needed the 100’ section to get the right lengths.
  11. I am not sure I would recommend my usual go to, which is CAIG DeoxIT on your male plug..
  12. Oi what a day. Birthday or no, I am getting too old for all this nonsense.
  13. Anyone have a favorite jtag interface that can power the target and doesn’t have a complicated Vref requirement? I had to get creative to make this work ..
  14. No it means overseas the show is driving people to sign up for the Prime shipping benefit.
  15. You better butter your batter to make better butt bread?
  16. I would be interested in attending.
  17. See Output section within the Electrical Characteristics in the OPA548 datasheet.
  18. Well, is your miter saw big enough for three at a time?
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