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  1. A box with some dirt in it Pre box, pre dirt
  2. Could you just press fit a ball bearing into the rear of the panel?
  3. They need to make one of those with a sacd spinner inside …
  4. Bon Voyaje! How will you press the designer if you don’t understand the technical issues?
  5. Probably to get away from this carnage. I have couple piles of mulch here and there now.
  6. I had a mail order gig fix my Samsung plasma power supply recently - looks like they replaced some mosfets here and there. It was Valley TV Service.
  7. https://www.npr.org/2022/03/03/1084205316/russian-cats-banned-international-competition
  8. I would be careful about public statements made about Russia .. and be careful what random super yachts you visit. … oh and, avoid solving coffin problems.
  9. Somewhere they don’t want to leave?
  10. Hate to tell you this, but it isn’t a tree house once the tree is turned into lumber.
  11. We’re you using one of those newfangled planes with the electric cord attached?
  12. Flintstones indeed! I bet you would get much better the second time. I find my bandsaw is hard to use as well - depending on the blade width I have and what I am trying to do, it’s not as easy as it looks (a smaller scroll saw always seemed to work better).
  13. Looking for some full extension, undermount drawer slides for my IKEA hack projector cabinet - seems like no one has stock and it’s really hard to determine all the “required accessories” one needs. I started looking at Salice and looks like maybe they got bought and renumbered their parts? making it extra confusing… basically looking for 13-14” for a shelf (so no face) to hold the projector… ugh.
  14. Applied new numbers to a brand new sail! A bit tedious but turned out ok I think.
  15. Well, their boat stuff works pretty well. Here is a repair I need to fair down and paint - waiting for the weather to warm up.
  16. How are the drawers fronts then attached to the side and bottom of the drawer?
  17. How to the door and drawer outlining sticks connect to the flat bits?
  18. You could use a low profile socket head bolt / wafer head instead of a typical angled - I think FPE also has presets for a larger angle countersink (which exists for this reason) but make sure you can find the fastener before you order the panel l.
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