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  1. I am also thinking about some Randolph Edge glasses with prescription insert. I am debating whether or not I would just get single vision lens at the far distance and how dumb it would look if they can’t do ultra high index lens sveltely. I probably need to find a place where I can try them on first, but that’s about a 3hr drive away. I don’t think I will go back to contacts anytime soon…
  2. I went to an audiologist what works with Westone - I made sure they would allow a second refit if needed. Westone said some of the services were a bit rough, but they looked solid to me…
  3. Awesome! I wanted to stay until Monday, but I had already committed to be in London that next week. Found the latest time I could leave on Sunday and here we are!
  4. I ended up ordering a pair of Westone DX3 - still waiting for them to be made! https://www.westone.com/downloads/defendear/P192_DEDX_3_SpecSheet.pdf
  5. Hi all! I will be in NYC 2/20 arriving Monday at 7:44pm local time and departing 10:45pm on Sunday 2/26. I booked a room at the Four Points Midtown West (https://www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/nycmf-four-points-by-sheraton-manhattan-midtown-west/overview/) - I'm happy to consider a roommate!
  6. Finally finished the last part of my side deck that will store various water things. Making the gate hard - I kinda made things up. I think maybe I did it all backwards, but oh well - there is no other entrance to this area so the gate stoppers are visible and since it’s all on a slope the had to be cut different lengths. It works and kinda matches the hog wire. At some point I would like to put something on the gate - some art of some kind, maybe need to enlist the ping-pongers Oh and you can see the concrete slopes where it meets the deck - grinding that down was super fun!
  7. Careful, that might be construed by Larry as being a headphone stand
  8. Looking at various other items for the system, starting with ViewSonic’s new PX748-4K and EliteScreen’s tensioned electric outdoor screen in 140”. Paying about double for the screen versus the projector feels wrong, but the ViewSonic feels like a good choice despite some odd features mentioned (ARC?) which I can get around I guess as I am planning a 2.1 system.. dunno if others have opinions, but this is the last piece missing working out the throw distance and screen size..
  9. I need to laminate some things together and it’s not possible to clamp them. I want to just screw them together and later use the hole from the screw as a guide for a forstner bit. I am using West System 105 and 207 epoxy. My question is, will I be able to back out the screws? I assume so but if not that would be a huge fail.
  10. That might actually work… if you have a spare bedroom to use as a speaker enclosure
  11. Don’t worry, Ebony is always superior over plastics.
  12. No takers on Team OutdoorFi? First steps done today:
  13. Doesn’t everyone just use their oven?
  14. Can we see the battery holders in action?
  15. Pre-Test - all is looking good, though all my suitable thermometers are broken..
  16. Related question, anyone used stuff from fiber command? It seems pretty much perfect solution for a few things I need https://shop.fibercommand.com The Bluesound PowerNode Edge might be interesting https://www.bluesound.com/products/powernode-edge/
  17. This seems to belong here… working on an outdoor system and looking for something that will accept hdmi and do (at least) Dolby 2.1… and fit nicely in a plastic box. The Sonos Amp seems to be the only choice out there and Altelix seems to be catering toward that with this: https://altelix.com/altelix-enclosure-for-sonos-amp-apple-tv-amazon-echo-link-amp/ First question, are there other options (even DIY) that would work? Seems like a simple board out there would accomplish this much cheaper than Sonos. Second question, I need another box because most outdoor subs seem to be unpowered. For that I am thinking DIY in the same enclosure as above with a Mean Well 48V supply (assuming I can get enough current and shove it the same box) and this https://www.parts-express.com/Sure-AA-AB32191-2x300W-TAS5630-Class-D-Amplifier-Board-320-309 Other options? Maybe just another Sonos Amp? Not sure..
  18. Yeah active customs would be ideal. I might be missing someone that offers them?
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