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  1. I forgot to tell you yesterday... Now I'm qualified and registered enterpreneur!!! Course has been finished. Also, the lecturer (asst. Prof. Aydın Kayabaşı) likes me and my business idea, he became my Mentor. Things are going good. Only selling the hecking speakers left between me and 1st phase of my dreams. Thanks for your support guys!
  2. There is no loser in cutteh kitty wars, fight till "purrrrs" reach the sky!
  3. RIP Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Also: fuck cancer!
  4. Careless napping: Envy: Cat and mouse on mousepad
  5. Nappin wif mai hooman
  6. Thanks a lot guys. We have an idealist lecturer. I'm really enjoying it.
  7. RIP victims of Ankara bombing... 2 years passed but still... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Ankara_bombings?wprov=sfla1 Fucking salafi/wahabbi jihadists... And our dear government sold their souls (and a lot more) to financial supporter of salafi/wahabbi jihadists.
  8. Today I got the phonecall. I'm in!!!!!! ? I'm going to get 30 hours of training which starts tomorrow. Thank you for your support.
  9. I attended the first interview which for deciding if you are serious about business plan and check if you are qualified enough to take the course. It went pretty good, was quicker and shallow than I expected tho. Result will be announced in two following days. Wish me luck...
  10. Documentary about Grigori Perelman. Damn what a personality... It is in Russian but has English subtitles.
  11. After 2 days of intense orientation, he can get confortable at last
  12. Happy Birthday sir! Sorry for late response. I hope you do not put me on "bad list"
  13. RIP Sue. Sorry for your lose Craig. Condolences...
  14. LoL @tkam our New member and yours are both tuxedo and fluffy. Meet "Yumak"
  15. He used to be size of a finger 1,5 years ago but now he is really big. I'm glad he sticks with us. He is becoming the Alpha male of our heard, dominating the garden and the park. Then: Now: PS: sorry for the hairy leg. Deciding growing hair and beard with hairy body now I'm competing with them in moulting.
  16. I found this beautiful object in the depot today: I don't have any full size headphones to hang on it, so instead i can make a robot out of it. Also I've sold my gaming computer (case and Hardware only. I wanted to keep Mouse, pad, keyboard and screen) ak70 and balanced iem cable. A guy from Ankara will visit me for Quads after feast. This are going okey for now. I listen to music much more than i used to when i have better gear. Phone and prelude with stock cable is enough. Also now I'm reading instead of playing for just killing time. After feast I'm starting to take Google for business and entrepreneurship courses. Now I clearly see wasting time and doing nothing pulls me down. I should not feel useless and for it i have to do things which I think useful for me. Like building robots from K'nex.
  17. USD dollar is 6,5 TL now. It went as high as 6,8. And with sudden increase/decrease in parity by 10-15 percentile like 4-5 times, some certain people multipled their worth by nearly 1,5. What is happening in Turkey exactly like what happened/happening in Venezuela. FFS... (I know I'm like drama Queen, but it's really hard to calm down for me without ranting, and i can't even rant enough)
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