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  1. ok that took me a minute i send my shipments of parts to the anodizer one color at a time as that's the only way it doesn't get messed up
  2. I have a Tek 2467B scope sitting around that i've been planning to sell. Only thing wrong with it (AFAIK) is it needs some calibration for the scaling on the display. I had a 2465A a few years ago but the display just went dead after owning it a few months
  3. a new favorite emerges...DACs are just better when they're wireless
  4. justin

    KEF Egg

    I may just step up to the Airpulse ? https://www.edifier.com/us/en/airpulse
  5. justin

    KEF Egg

    Looking forward to checking out the S3000 Pro
  6. I would consider the SRM-353X instead of those
  7. i'm thinking of going the other way and demolishing the inside of my apartment. maybe put up levels
  8. around 1/2 of GS-X mk2 price, plus or minus a couple hundred. 2 volume control choices (Alps Blue or DACT stepped attenuator)
  9. We'll have a prototype of the new GS-X mini at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest next month!
  10. nice B&W system for south floridians: https://www.ebay.com/itm/192669722946?ul_noapp=true
  11. justin

    KEF Egg

    should be there real soon
  12. I like SPA2000-0.015-00-54 if using PEEK screws
  13. Nope i'm just on the email list
  14. https://www.cb2.com/stax-console/s581012?localedetail=US
  15. justin

    KEF Egg

    which one? they're both by Edifier. the e25hd is $250 and the S2000 Pro is $400
  16. justin

    KEF Egg

    Nope, both are active. They both have BT as well.
  17. justin

    KEF Egg

    Just got these two
  18. I think what happened here is that "SAMPLE" is referring to the piece of plastic which is the headband arc. Likely from the first batch of headbands made which ended up being the final version, and STAX forgot to remove it from a few headbands
  19. I have a couple Meze Neo 11 that have damaged packaging if you'd like to try one
  20. We're getting very close - the power switch is on the front and a DACT is optional. Champagne will be a color option. This prototype has a blue bead blasted panel (compared to our usual polished blue).
  21. it's just for PCB design, but i do notice a difference compared to the dell laptop. the pcb software uses hardware acceleration and the zooming in/out is much faster
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