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  1. I'm curious what happens if you order the Singlepower
  2. justin

    SRL300 Limited

    Just fyi, we were specifically told by STAX that this date applies to all dealers. We've noticed the past week there's been order requests that seem to be shuffling around from dealer to dealer as if someone has early access and we're told that's not the case So an email has gone out to everyone who pre-ordered (may still need to send some more emails)
  3. i've going through it 2-3 times. afterwards you can also watch the BB movie someone made by editing down the series. And the Better Call Saul prequel which will be back on TV soon
  4. Has anyone heard from [email protected]? I havent been able to get him to respond to emails for the past couple weeks
  5. justin

    SRL300 Limited

    we will only use pure, original STAX wording as the artist intended
  6. justin

    SRL300 Limited

    We have them on order, will probably be shipping in early March https://www.headamp.com/order/stax-sr-l300-limited-edition/
  7. just wait till you hear it with "upgraded glass"
  8. don't worry, it's nothing compared to the electricity that bit coin miners are wasting
  9. the T8000 should look pretty sharp in the anniversary edition in black, and its a small footprint. have that on order it shares a chassis with the WA33. i think the enclosures are fixed together and wires run between the enclosure through the footers
  10. Sennheiser and MSB already smashed all records on that
  11. i'm glad that this new round of flagship Stax amps are coming out this year also, going last is going to be fun
  12. i have, once..not fun otherwise, wait for them to show up for $100 on ebay
  13. i found an old WE ad from 1916 and it calls electrical outlets "lamp sockets". i realized that i've even heard people use that term in my lifetime, but maybe not since early 90s
  14. i've looked into having a custom tube made, might do it someday, maybe, probably not... the part where it got expensive was that if you're going to sell an elite tube, you have to cherry pick the best ones i would guess that with inflation the original price is probably around $300 per tube
  15. one of my professors showed us some gel like material they had made for space. forget what it was called. it looked like acrylic but was kinda squishy and weighed less than styrofoam. lets use that
  16. I plan to replace mine with panda skin
  17. my experience is, maybe, so i would experiment before soldering. depending on your brand of LEDs, causing an intentional mismatch in those can also make up some of the difference -- up to about 50mV with ones i've used. also, it's going to vary depending on transistors used and exactly which amp, but sometimes a perfectly matched amp is not 0mV offset, it's really like -30mV (depending on your gain) due to differences in pnp/npn parts. so this could be why sometimes a slight mismatch actually gives a better result.
  18. has to be dual 3-pin XLR to use the combo TRS jacks for balanced
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