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  1. We'll be able to ship the SR-009S pre-orders by the end of the week or Monday. Same for the SRM-D10 DAC/Amp
  2. great work..let's keep the wood restoration coming!
  3. having made lots of circuit boards its funny to read the comments of the people who are going with the "only so many ways to do it" this was copied down to designer personal preference level
  4. The SR-009S will be here in about 1 week
  5. justin

    SRL300 Limited

    I don't think there is any other difference. The limited model will probably maintain a higher resale value
  6. justin

    SRL300 Limited

    We're getting another shipment next week, and will have 1 still available
  7. I will look into this but pricing hasn't been released yet. Those #s were just placeholders which is explained in the listing. All we know right now is the price will be a modest increase over the original SR-009, which has fallen in price 25% USD since release, mostly due to the exchange rates
  8. ^^ test out the page, it's free
  9. We have a no obligation, $0 down pre-order page up now https://www.headamp.com/order/stax-sr-009s-open-back-electrostatic-headphones/ and for the SRM-D10 portable DAC/Amp https://www.headamp.com/order/stax-srm-d10-portable-electrostatic-headphone-amplifier-dac/
  10. We just found out $3999 is going to be the price, and the official release will be next week. Some pairs got out early, and we were lucky enough to get a couple
  11. i think it's been quite a while since anyone contacted me with this issue. at least a year, maybe 18+ months
  12. can't be easy to make a competitive disc player with how fast the technology moves. a few years ago i was looking at home theater stuff and saw Emotiva was working on a HT processor. But it kept getting pushed back because by the time they had it almost ready, the tech was obsolete and they had to update it. Did that thing ever get released?
  13. the Pico charging PCB actually has a LM2937-10 regulator at the input, regulating down to 10VDC. it has a max input of 26V. Not that i would recommend this as it would get pretty hot 15v is probably fine as long as the polarity is correct which it most likely is Do not try this off of head-case
  14. i'm doing this amp from the outside and working my way in, which i have not tried before, but should be faster - i have the aluminum enclosures ready to go
  15. yes, the knock off version, by POOCONN original GS-1:
  16. the "GS-1 mk2" that has been requested, coming soon..it will look like a mini GS-X mk2. Evidence of how cheap PCBs are now..
  17. happy birthday voltron!
  18. this year sucks! we've had less than 1" this year
  19. I'm a HiFiMAN dealer! i think you need to buy one and check it out in person
  20. yes. right now we just ordered the headphones by themselves. They are $5k
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