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  1. has to be dual 3-pin XLR to use the combo TRS jacks for balanced
  2. 2sa1201 / 2sc2881 is what i use..you could probably stand them up in TO-92 holes just watch the power
  3. my phone (tapatalk) just said "Justin made Fox News is Trending". At first i got really worried and tried to think if I had done something. Eventually found the thread, didn't know about this
  4. did you pick those at random or match N to P?
  5. yes and yes. though i'm not setup right now to match the N pairs to the P pairs plus it's better to do that specifically for the circuit you intend to use unless you can match them perfectly on a curve tracer
  6. not just parts. 30 Years NOS Japanese Transistors.
  7. you could get this much of the MSB amp
  8. Verical has stock of both 3324/1312 and i'm sure some are on ebay too i also have a lot of them
  9. ssh i was trying to get JimL to do the T2 battery out of tubes (we can accept some neon)
  10. well looks like it's going to be free tubes then once they arrive and i get a refund. i wonder what they were originally. not that it was even that expensive, $30
  11. I already bought this pair, coming from Taiwan, hasn't arrived yet but thinking they're fake? Look at the 'rubbed off' silkscreen in the "in" of Westinghouse. Identical on both tubes. plus no original box.
  12. will this version also be for DIGITAL, Natural Sound?
  13. post the build sheet for your 911
  14. you can order from amazon.co.jp through kuboten
  15. https://www.amazon.co.jp/AD-4-4mm-5極-自作ジャック-バランス/dp/B072Q7VLZ2 pcb mount only, about $35 each...
  16. Yes, will be coming. It's a super high quality board so will definitely be showing that off. The unit that went to Massdrop had a prototype inside
  17. i have both. the mac definitely has a superior gfx chipset. my mac also spends about 90% of its time with kernel_task going nuts, seems to be a common issue. at some point i just need to do a clean wipe but just dont have the time right now. transitioning windows stuff over to a dedicated windows PC is part of that
  18. is anyone using Zwift? wondering if it's going to run better on a year-old $2k macbook pro in OS X or a brand new, up to date but $600 Dell w/ integrated gfx on Win 10. been a long time since i did any 'games' and not sure if stuff like this still runs like trash on macs
  19. it's basically the same power supply as the original Gilmore Lite, but it no longer blocks 3 outlets on a power strip as it has a short AC cord on it, and the European voltage you supply your own power cord for it
  20. i don't think that's true Adorama was removed from selling Audeze a while back because they refused to play by the rules The rules are mostly about advertised price edit: looks like adorama put the price back
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