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  1. they've used card sockets for years in the other amps, which seem high quality. never looked to see what the spacing is
  2. the square black connectors? looks like the .1" spacing ones i use on the Pico to connect the battery board to the amp now i remember why i had to find a particular one. the connectors that use the same size pins as DIP sockets dont fit .025 square headers
  3. I'm not sure if they're any more than a warehouse that Stax has contracted But we've been receiving dealer shipments Currently repairs get shipped overseas
  4. this is probably correct. it's most likely the zener or the FET on the heatsink by the zener. Thats really about all the problem could be, from what I have seen, unless any burned resistors are spotted.
  5. www.newsensor.com is it just me or are the tube prices really off here? It looks like everything is quad priced but for qty 1.
  6. has anyone ever found a fake part in that package? seems like it wouldnt be worth the effort to fake
  7. i bought ipower 520mah li-ion batteries a couple years ago and they fit. no idea about these 700mah
  8. a little late to the party but i have what i think are some real 2SC3381-BL on the way. "Like" this post if you think you'd be interested in some. i'll post them up for sale somewhere once i test them
  9. try using the diode tester on your DMM to individually test/compare all of the J79 with power off
  10. any meet where you don't have to pay a union for power cords is a good one
  11. it was a very well organized and efficient meet!
  12. i like the look of it. if that's a modushop enclosure as someone else said, they did a damn good job of styling and photography. would need to see it in person next to something like a Nagra. the perf board internals are weird though. even if building a one-off you'd be better off etching a copper board or using a blank single sided board. the tolerances on those perf boards are usually really bad and i'd be very worried about the possibilities of shorts or arcing with high voltage
  13. I will have: BHSE GS-X mk2 Headphones: SR-009, SR-404 Limited, Focal Utopia, MrSpeakers Ether C
  14. whats the transformer specs? i havent ever looked at that for the t2. looks like all 3 transformers are different?
  15. The state of DACSES is good. They should be sentient within 2 years.
  16. i booked the Sonesta ES Suites Atlanta
  17. nope. i should have excess k216 though because a small number of j79 are DOA
  18. yeah but there are thousands available. i'd have to buy them all. basically what's happened is the price is high because it's rare to find a lot this big. however, there have been times when I have found large lots for very cheap -- either because the seller is ignorant or because for them selling 8 pieces at a time on ebay will not be worth the labor
  19. one amp i recognized from the old headwize pics because it was still in the exact same place
  20. I wonder if this is the same design as Nik's custom amp from 2003. I think it was bought by Wayne
  21. Is anyone interested in 2SC3381BL? I may have a source, but it's not at a great price. What's unusual is the quantity is high and I have received authentic parts from the source in the past its probably around $8 per piece
  22. round tables seems like a really bad idea to me
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