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  1. The final episode of "The Bodyguard." It is ridiculous, but in the best possible way.
  2. That's not what it means, though it did originate in manga and anime. My point is that there were lots of things that should have made the fans happy. Exactly: Thanos was right!
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_service
  4. Client meeting this morning. I would like to think that I don't look like Roger Stone.
  5. Counterpoint: we still have an episode left? I quit watching Lost with two episodes left. I think GoT out-Losted Lost. I might still watch the last ep, but I don't have a GoT friend now, so maybe not. What trash the last couple seasons have been. It can't even do fan-service well.
  6. This is my life. I'm not entirely sure I would have it any other way. Neither cat really stays still enough for an in focus picture.
  7. Here I am being nearly 40 years old, and I'm pining over some pretty girl like I'm a teen (on Sunday morning, so I guess the date on Friday went okay, objectively).
  8. Santos in gold with an gator band is hard to go wrong with! I had a Baume et Mercier Hampton, a rectangular watch though an automatic. I liked it a lot. I sold it for more than I bought it for.
  9. Silver's eye seems to be completely healed (she has one day left of drops, and I will dutifully apply), but she has learned that she gets attention, so she has been blinking at me. Sometimes with the wrong eye. She is a very smart cat. She emulates Dunhill's "Come give me treats goddammnit" sound, because she noticed that it was somewhat successful. I figured it out when I told "Dunhill" to shut up, only to find that he had been sleeping behind me on the sofa the whole time. This makes sense only if you've seen my sofa. From the divot, you can see where I like to sit. The cats like to
  10. I went on a date with somebody who is much, much too good for me (a long list, that one). Date two is scheduled for Friday.
  11. I had to cut Dunhill's front nails, tonight. It went better than I expected! He just does't scratch the scratchy things, or anything else. It was no big deal. Silver has conjunctivitis in one eye. I have been giving her medicated eye drops, the last couple days. I think she has figured out that the slight pain of the eye drops means something good, because I got this, today. She has NEVER jumped up and let me pet her on the sofa, before. I pet her every day, more than I want to sometimes, but always before at ankle level. I got this for 30 seconds.
  12. I really want the Tank MC that Mr. Malek wore at the Met. I think he won. My mother's day gift to my mother was an autographed edition of Jack Forster's Cartier Time Art. She has been a Cartier owner since long before I was born, and now has at least 4 (I think it might be 6). She loved the book. I will get to see it this weekend.
  13. No, I was just a social sciences doctoral student. I'm still waiting for a response.You are way out of your own league, Naaman. I wasn't joking there. Jose is full of shit. Bye, I guess.
  14. My immortality plan has worked pretty well, so far. Any place Jose has a degree from, in this area, should take it away, if there is one. There isn't. He'd never have said that, if there was. Do you wanna fight, Naaman? You are way out of your league.
  15. No, no you don't. I've studied this shit academically. At the doctoral level. You don't do that. Context is king.
  16. How stupid am I. I found the papers for the cats, today. The crazy old lady at the SPCA "Kitty City" had told me that Dunhill was 8, and I never actually double-checked. He was born in mid-December, 2008. He was 10. I am not going to get as much time with him as I thought, and I am shocked by that. I guess we'll have fewer dances to soul music, he and I. Silver is two, just like I thought. Dunhill is by far the best thing in my life, at the moment. New girlfriend would agree, I'm sure. Dunhill is by far the best thing in anybody-who-he-has-met's life. He's like if there was a "j
  17. That is only the case if you include child mortality in overall average mortality rates. Actual adult mortality age was a good bit higher.
  18. I was really surprised. They don't really look like much, to be honest, but damned if they don't perform! I heard them back-to-back with Maggies (just the 1.7i, but I've heard the bigger ones, and these were well driven), and the Triton Ones (these were the original, not the new "R" version) were in a completely different league.
  19. That reminds me that I need to figure out how to use my Marantz 7701 in something. I gave away the speaker system, and it doesn't really fit in the headphone system.
  20. I need to put together a speaker system, again. I got to hear the Golden Ears Triton Ones in March, and they are exquisite, and seemingly much easier to integrate into a room than my Thiels ever were (and much better than the already excellent Thiels, as speakers).
  21. I know it's no consolation, Craig, but if Cheese was anything like my cats, I'm sure he was enjoying whatever it was.
  22. I'm so sorry, Craig, I'm so sorry.
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