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  1. Could you imagine trying to find matched sets of NOS tubes for these sorts of things?
  2. How firm is the puck when you empty the basket? it should come out in one piece and retain very little moisture. Also, Dan's questions!
  3. How did I not know that this movie existed? Gardiner is my favorite Beet conductor: those metronome marks that Beet put on the page were important!
  4. I've read the comics a couple times. I am hesitant to watch the show (I still haven't finished Good Omens, and I love that book [I mean, shit, I have a Neil Gaiman tattoo], and the Amazon adaptation is VERY good, but it's still weird to see it on a screen when I used to just have it in my head). I really, really like Garth Ennis, but I refuse to watch Preacher. So take that for what it's worth.
  5. Something for watch fans. Why did he feel the need to write down the serial number that is printed right there? I have that pen, so I guess it does't matter.
  6. I'm not reflected there, so probably not?
  7. Those would be idiosyncratic chrono decisions. I approve!
  8. Poor bugger. He doesn't even have any paunchy middle aged dudes.
  9. Probably only $750,000, if the paunchy middle aged dudes are included.
  10. The 1931 really is a great looking watch.
  11. Too many IT support organizations have come to believe that they are the boss instead of being there to the make sure that the mission of the organization can be completed. I've found this at every level, and I've been pretty high up the totem pole in IT support. It's a shame.
  12. I'm sorry your IT department sucks. The unwillingness to learn is a lot more common than actual technical issues, in my experience, and we all know how common actual technical issues are. Good luck selling the laptop, it's certainly a nice one.
  13. You can easily remotely wipe a windows install in Bootcamp, the same way you can on a PC. They are both basically the same hardware. I used to set this up for NSF and NIH grant stuff all the time. There is no difference, and it's certainly a "clean install" on a new partition.
  14. Part of my responsibilities at my last job was managing the certified repair shop for the universities bookstore (we were actually by far the largest IT organization for the campus, in terms of customer base, but had the smallest budget and fewest personnel; go figure). We got very few repairs for the butterfly keyboard machines, and, trust me, the 17,000 students we supported were HARD on their laptops. The main keyboard related issue requiring replacement were actually failed trackpad cables and failed HD cables on 2012-2015 MBP due to flexing of the keyboard right over the cable connectors
  15. Hah. I'm sure a lot of their behavior makes sense on whatever planet they come from. Things like loving to sit on the corner, and only the corner, of a bed.
  16. You know; that makes me realize that, if I ever put a speaker rig together again (I'm not counting my soundbar and sub), I should probably do something that is raised significantly, though the cats haven't actually scratched up the sub, yet, for whatever reason.
  17. All of you and your Seamasters are making me want one again!!
  18. I'm so used to that I didn't even think about it. Good point!
  19. They must not have cats, or those coins would no longer be on the corner.
  20. Hell; Andy Warhol didn't even set or wind his watches, so I think you get a pass. I miss my 300M, now. It really is a damned good looking watch!
  21. Dunhill has been sick the last few days. My neighborhood had a parade, and I couldn't get to my usual vet. Went to the vet where my mother used to take her dogs. They don't take walk-ins. I didn't know that. They took us. Three shots later, and the puking has stopped and he is hungry again.
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