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  1. One was produced in January of 1969 and sold that same year, the other was produced in September of 2017 and was sold (grey market, and then sold to me brand new) in 2018. Both are two owner watches, I guess. The dealer of the pre-moon was a superb watchmaker, since retired. It keeps excellent time. The Omega extract is worth it, by the way, for vintage watches. Without that extract, I wouldn’t have known what exact Omega box to buy, as they had changed them up right around when this 145.022-69 was being made. I wear the old one a lot more than I wear the new one.
  2. I listened to him today, like I usually do (Such a Night being the best song of The Last Waltz). What a shitty day. I’m listening to Gris Gris for the second time today.
  3. I finally cracked the ancient Durbar that I’ve been slowly hydrating for the last half decade. It was sawdust when I got it. It’s perfect, now. Should go great in this Sav autograph (I should probably smoke it in my Parker, but whatever).
  4. I love the detail on this late 60s buckle. Look at the stippling!
  5. They are really wonderful watches.
  6. I think tomorrow (well, today, as it's 1:30 AM) is going to be a Speedy Thursday, but I'm unsure of which one. Empty spot there on the left because I'm wearing the Reverso. Those watches get wound at the same time, a few times a week (it's such a pleasure to wind a manual watch, and I'm lucky to own three). They are both well within COSC.
  7. Look at the prices of the monitors it’s competing with. This is seriously a case of Apple using their amazing economies of scale to make things *cheap.*
  8. I love the book. I'm looking forward to watching it this week. I finished Tuca and Bertie, today. I want more Tuca and Bertie!
  9. That apparently gangrenous big toe ruins the view.
  10. Silicone is best because you can run it through the dishwasher.
  11. I installed a StrapsCo silicone strap on my 116710. Quality seems as good as Everest straps, and it was simple to adjust the length so that it would center the buckle correctly. The green is a perfect match for GMT hand and dial text on this watch.
  12. I think I did a good job matching, today.
  13. EdipisReks1


    Watching episode 3. This is excellent.
  14. I find them to just be too damned thick. It's my understanding, and I may be mistaken, that the Spring Drive watches mostly have to go back to Japan regardless.
  15. The movements were good enough for NASA.
  16. My 861 based 1969 is as accurate as my 1861 based 2017 Speedy. I’ve seen Sea-gull watches that have been regulated to -2 seconds per day.
  17. I still love the HODINKEE blue shell strap on my Pre-Moon. The period 16mm buckle is what completes it, and it really sets off the deep scratch Dunhill gave me in February. And I'm aware that the hour register isn't resetting correctly anymore. This watch will need a service next year, probably. I'm not looking forward to it. Good thing I have a new Speedy.
  18. EdipisReks1


    I keep meaning to watch it (I've been watching Maniac on Netflix).
  19. have you seen "Russian Doll?" If not, right up your alley, mi amigo.
  20. I didn't mean from a security standpoint, I just meant that a watch that is on your wrist is one that doesn't get dropped onto a tile gym locker room floor. I wasn't thinking about that. I do wear an Apple Watch when I exercise, weights included, but I'm just doing free weights at home.
  21. It makes sense that you would like it. And whatever you say in response, "that's the joke."
  22. Well, that was hilariously terrible. I quit watching Lost after the second to last episode. I should have stuck to my guns. Good thing you don't gamble.
  23. The safest place for a watch when you are at the gym is on your wrist.
  24. It looks great! Just rest it on a table when you put it on. I do that, but on my knee.
  25. To quote your daughter, Craig, this one has left paw prints on my soul. I like the other one okay, too, but I'd give up 10 years of my own life to have Dunhill for 10 extra.
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