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  1. Cleaned out my refrigerator and freezer when I got home and found that my year old GE Profile Arctica high dollar fridge was dead.
  2. Mine have bowls on now and I think that is the way they will stay. I have not listened to them since Ari balanced them for me but I assume I will still prefer bowls.
  3. I will have to check that out this weekend. Thanks
  4. Good to see you. Now I can bother you with RS-1500 questions on three different boards.
  5. I will listen to them until some other shiny new toy grabs my attention and then I will forgot all about them.
  6. I was under the impression that he was using a portable amp with the HD-800s and I also was hoping to get a more in depth, than the few minutes I spent with Tyll's, review of the HD-800s with the M^3 before putting in my order.
  7. I listened to the UDAC quite a bit at CanJam as it was on my list of potential DACs for the Squeezebox. I thought it was quite good on our begged, borrowed and stolen rig at CanJam. I call dibs on Dinny's. Dinny if you want to borrow the M^3 to use with your new HD800s let me know. I got a few minutes with this pairing and Thrice's Buffalo DAC at CanJam and thought it was great.
  8. I really had no intention of buying these as I so rarely listen to headphones anymore but the HF-2s have worked as a gateway drug as I have really enjoyed listening to them. Maybe I need to call up Tyll and get some of these for myself. Dinny, if you would like to borrow the M^3 for the HD-800s let me know. It is still in the Pelikan case.
  9. That was my one Jude quote overheard at CanJam "It is good to be Nate's friend" when discussing all the great work he does for his friends. Beautiful work and they sounded great.
  10. Head Casers actually cleaned up at the raffles. Jacob got his ALO dock, Colin won five prizes including the GD Compass and some Rudistor amp, Grawk won some amp/iem combination, NoNoNoNoNoNo won the reference dac and I won the Head Room Ultra Micro Dac, Shure SE 530s and Yuin OK3s. I am sure some other winners were there but there was so many prizes it was difficult to keep track. The organizers did an excellent job and the side attractions like the Glenrothes tasting made it even better.
  11. I think NoNoNoNoNoNo won that GD Reference Dac thing.
  12. I listened to my HF-2s for a while last night and I didn't even notice the weight. They definitely seem a lot lighter than my HP-2s. The flats are also a must in my comparisons.
  13. Jacob won an ALO Bamboo iPod dock at the raffle. Priceless. I still haven't found iPodPJ or a single pair of DT-48s but I will today.
  14. Yes that is Fang's Planar. He is running it off of that little plexi-glass amp with a single tube with that Hifiman thing as a source. Sounded alright. Not the most comfortable headphone but midrange and highs were okay. Bass seemed a little off but it might be source, etc.
  15. VPI

    CanJam 2009

    Tyll has it hooked up in the balanced HD-800 system and he is loaning one to my table for the Toole Audio M3 Balanced HF-1s, HF-2s, HP-2s and HD-600. I will give a review after I am able to listen a while tomorrow as I have been too lazy to even hook anything up. The High End room is almost completely set up. Pretty cool to see two SinglePower ES-2s sitting right next to each other amongst several other very nice set-ups and all the beer/scotch you can drink. I saw the boxes for the HF-2s but Todd would not break them out, even after he started drinking his belgians. I should have mine in about 8 hours. Dreadhead brought his Qualias so he can give you the review between the two but I heard the HD-800s on both the TTVJ 307A and Tylls Balanced Desktop/Dac set up. Very impressive in both. There was also a private little show for about 10 of us, mostly Head casers, put on by Glenrothes in which we each received Glencairn Glasses with an etched CanJam logo. The Glenrothes guy gave a little speech on their process and then let us drink 2-3 bottles of each of the 1985, 1991 and Special Reserve. Great meet so far and it was nice to finally meet Jacob and a few other Head Case guys.
  16. VPI

    CanJam 2009

    Sitting at the airport hoping that all this rain does not follow me to LA. Surprisingly my flight still appears to be on time so I should be at the Hotel around noon.
  17. Mike, I have been very impressed with the Stratos Mono Extreme SEs I am running now. They say you are supposed to keep them on 24x7 and it is supposed to improve the sound. I have no idea why but the consensus seems to be 30 days 24x7 before they come to life.
  18. VPI

    CanJam 2009

    This taller fat guy will be there at noon, though I might have a head start downing as much free airline booze as I can on my way there.
  19. I was wondering where everyone got those cover art banners in their signatures as I had no idea what Last.FM actually did. Now that I have signed up with my Squeezebox Duet I applied to the Head-Case group.
  20. VPI

    New CDs for CanJam 09

    You should have a copy of the Fairfield Four "Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray" as Ray always uses it in his meet system so the comparison might be useful. It is also a fantastic sounding CD, Track 2 is a real "Wow" song with huge soundstage and very well recorded vocals.
  21. Yeah, not entirely serious about that but I guess we will see when we all show up at his room Saturday morning with our receipts. Don't really care but if I know I am getting one I would probably throw the HP-2s in the bag and make it a Grado weekend.
  22. I would like to see it as I intend to do the same thing and would love to hear the end result at the show. My order went in around 10 AM EST and Todd can't guarantee I can pick mine up at the meet so I assume it might not be a first come first serve thing and might be a Headphone celebrity thing.
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