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  1. Sorry to thread jack a little, but I just recently got IEMs and I can't use them too much or my ears start to hurt. But not while I wear them, when I'm listening they're great, but after I take them off my ears throb. Has that happened to anyone else, and will it go away?
  2. "Pictured is Gary Stretch and his amazing stretchy skin. After leaving school he became a sheep farmer and plasterer but thought he would see if he could earn a living for a year stretching his skin."
  3. Oh wow, sounds like I would like stats. I also listen to some death metal (Nile is great!) and my current shitty rig can't handle the density and layering of the music very well.
  4. Happy Birthday! Even though I don't really know you.
  5. Am I the youngest person on this forum? I was 13 in 2003. Hmm, well now I feel even more out of place than when I was just a newbie. Oh well. I was playing magic cards, age of empires II, and sonic adventure II. I was also awful at talking, so I didn't.
  6. Can't say I have any urge to scale it. Seems far too dangerous, but I would imagine getting to the top would be an amazing feeling.
  7. A twinkies bar from the local 7-11 convenient store. It cost 50 cents. Now I'm filing for bankruptcy
  8. Then I don't know about the dynamat solution. \
  9. Hmm, well I was thinking of cryo treating my donuts.
  10. Just curious, what were the original complaints of the K501?
  11. humph, interesting, thanks
  12. Then why isn't the 701 better by 200, did they really mess it up that bad? (I have only heard the 701 from AKG) But seriously, are the vintage ones significantly better?
  13. If only I had a steady income... Or any income at all for that matter...
  14. I just realized that was a strange and random thing to say. I offer my sincerest apologies, it wasn't meant to be.
  15. I don't know if I have thin skin or not, but I have exceptionally stretchy skin!
  16. Thanks for the info I probably won't bother trying to find foam pads then.
  17. Here's a newbie point of view. I got my K701s after only hearing the shitty apple earbuds. They sounded like heaven! However, I found that I got somewhat fatigued because (to my ears, my PERCEPTION of the sound) the cans were a bit bright. After reading stuff on head-fi (yes I bought into the hype) I played them continuously for 300 hours, with short listening sessions every so often. After a while I found that they weren't as bright and the bass had beefed up slightly. Whether this was a false perception, my ears getting used to the sound or whatever, I don't know, but that's how I perceived it. I feel like the headphones themselves changed, because I didn't change the source, amp, or cables, but I know the power of the brain in deception (hell, music isn't even real, its just air molecule vibrations).
  18. FTW = For the win FTL = For the loss Am I right?
  19. here's some fuel for the fire raging against me, what is FTL? and FTW?
  20. however, contrary to common belief, I don't ACTUALLY take it up the ass we are all newbies at first, its the way of the world, I expected to take shit
  21. oh no, I feel I'm developing a bad reputation haha
  22. This is getting catty, I'm watching! (by the way, you're all little prepubescent girls )
  23. if you stick some foam in tell me what it sounds like. I'd be interested to know because I find them a tad bit bright, maybe some more foam would help, although I don't have any foam donuts... might just find some cheese cloth or something...
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