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    GS1k, W5k, MS2i, MS1, HD25-1, E4C, A900.
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    Apogee MiniDAC, Headroom Micro Dac, Cyrus CDP, PC, getting a turntable together, lot of DAPs.
  1. The Pieman

    I've Got Wood!

    Looking at that is why have started putting together the bits for a vinyl rig. Mind you nothing remotely in this class. Good one.
  2. The Pieman

    What are you listening to Part Two

    Something new to me
  3. The Pieman

    NuForce Headphones - HD 800 Beware

    Like the HD800, I wonder if any $300 recables are available for pre-order prior to general release. I am sure ALO could help out.
  4. The Pieman

    Cary Xciter Integrated Headphone Amp

    I am hoping to get a listen to one next week. I believe the local distributor may have a couple. The only Cary item I have listened to was a 306 CDP. I thought it was excellent. Agreed Xciter as a name, sucks big time.
  5. The Pieman

    Sony MDR-R10 Repair - Back From The Dead

    Re-opening this thread is a bit like necrophilia...........not that I have personal experience.
  6. I have managed to score a Rega Planar 3 for about $US70 which I think ? is a good deal. It doesn't have a tonearm, but is otherwise is in good working condition. This was somewhat of an impulse buy, as bloody usual. And I am just about to prove my ignorance of all things vinyl. This will be hooked to a WOO 2. So I am going to need a tonearm, cartridge and a Phono stage of some sort. I am willing to spend a few hundred on each. So a few questions:- Is the Rega RB300 a good tonearm for the money?? I have seen different opinions here and on the other site. I could be very easily persuaded to look at other options. What is a suitable cartridge to go with the RB300 or the other options? This is a subject that I have no idea about. I am very ignorant about what makes a reasonable phono stage and what doesn't. The Cambridge 640p looks reasonable for the money. Is the Musical Fidelity X-LPS 3 a worthy step up? All other options considered. You will have to excuse me here but one is clueless when it comes to vinyl.
  7. The Pieman

    recommendations for closed phones

    Always found the K81DJ a bit of a head clamp. They sound OK. I have HD25-1s which I use now for travel, commuting and the like. Sound good, can definitely take a beating and much more comfortable than K81s. Do cost a fair bit more though, just sneak under 200. Quite usable unamped. Simon.
  8. The Pieman

    Amazon Headphone Sale

    That is way to polite. Fart can with a follow through is closer.
  9. The Pieman

    Happy Birthday Boomana

    Happy Birthday Vicki! Hope you have a good one. cheers Simon
  10. The Pieman

    Very, very portable audio ... fast too.

    There is plenty of power in a Heinz Baked Bean tin that size.
  11. The Pieman

    Rudistor XJ-03

    The quality of the PCB left me gobsmacked. It is rubbish. My comparison is from working 20 plus years in Telco manufacturing and supply. Even boards being made 25 years ago were better than this. $US500? Madness.
  12. The Pieman


  13. The Pieman

    Post the last thing you bought!

    A Squeezebox. Only way to see if it is any use. Simon
  14. I have had some time with a Cary 306 and my GS1000s. I don't remember what the headamp was, just it was very neutral. But I do remember the source, best I have heard. The GS1000s worked very well with the 306. Very involving. If I had the money I would buy a 306 at the drop of a hat. Simon
  15. The Pieman

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic -- $400, balanced.

    I like the look of this for the office. I wonder what the damage will be in Australia? Electronics have a nasty habit of doubling in price by the time they get here. Unfortunately the doubling does not extend to the quantity or quality.