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  1. Hopstretch

    Happy Birthday Brent!

    Hey! Happy birthday!
  2. Hopstretch

    Happy Birthday raffy!

    Happy Birthday. Hopefully Mike will spot you a beer after you finish mowing his yard?
  3. Hopstretch

    Happy birthday robm321

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Hopstretch


    Yes, so good.
  5. Hopstretch

    RIP someone or another

    Hell of a driver. Hell of a personality. RIP Niki.
  6. Hopstretch


    I left my first ever nice watch -- a Rolex Datejust -- in an open locker at the Washington DC YMCA overnight before I realized I'd lost it. I fucking sprinted back down there from my apartment the next morning and it was a GOOD feeling opening that little door and finding it still inside!
  7. Hopstretch

    Speaker Porn

    The commonality here is inadequate TVs.
  8. Hopstretch

    What are you Grilling now?

    OK I'm notoriously not that price sensitive but, yeah, that's nuts.
  9. Hopstretch

    What are you Grilling now?

    Proper HC haul, that! How much were they willing to deal on the Hestan grill? I'm ... just curious.
  10. Hopstretch


    The only way that would ever have been in doubt is if there was a mattress company called Matte Black?
  11. Hopstretch


    This is what we have and it's the best I've ever slept on. Think it's one of the sprung models. They have a store on the Peninsula if you want to try out. https://www.thenaturalmattressstore.com
  12. Hopstretch


    My old investment banking boss told me that a monogrammed cuff in finance is like a teardrop tattoo in prison. You know the dude's a stone cold killer. 😉