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  1. no offense man but thats sounds really really boring...cool but i dont think i could sit here and just listen to that for an hour. dreadhead, the volume was raised higher than normal.
  2. well by hear i meant i could hear the diaphragm vibrating without creating any distortion. or as you said, i could feel it moving. but it was clean. no distortion. the 650s however were clipping at anything below 20hz.
  3. ive been messing around with the following dvd http://www.rotarywoofer.com/demodvdwebpage/eminentdemodvd.html the gear is as follows. laptop (ibm t43) -> single ended beta 22 -> hd 650. all generic cables. i tried that bass test with the 650s and the lowest i could hear was the 30hz clip. at lower freq. i knew the driver was moving but it was just a bunch of distortion as if the driver wanted to do something but couldnt. i dont know if the source was prohibiting it from going even down to 24hz...it very well might be the case or is it freq. range listen for ideal conditions/theoretical under lab conditions? i ask because i just tried the crossroads iems i gave away to a friend and with those i could hear down to the 20hz clip. below that, there was a lot more distortion. did they seem to go lower because they are iems and closer to ear drum while the 650s movement of air is not severe enough to be noticed by my ears? chances are my ears arent the same as they were last year (i have noticed an increasing loss in hearing) but the fact that i could hear the freq. with the iems removes the ears as a probably culprit in the problem. oh and the iems were plugged in directly to my laptop (no amp), but the beta was used with the 650s. -cj edit: am i talking about getting the last few % out of the headphone with a much better amp + source with upgraded cables? i know the source needs to be replaced before i make any complaints against the sound but just wondering if theres an answer given the current rig.
  4. Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Wittgenstein. read it 3 times already. every time i go through it i figure out new stuff or just things i read originally that dont make sense anymore upon further contemplation. excellent book if anyone wants to pick up some philosophy.
  5. pico wins. because you can use it with pc's. duet = epic fail. because you can only use it with macs.
  6. that is...any description of what has been done here would reduce the epicness so i will refrain from making any comments.
  7. going to pick up the amp on sunday at naz's place.
  8. well its not much like the usual meets posted in these boards but oz of let there be sound sent me an email inviting me to a local audiophile's home as he has graciously agreed to let people just walk in and audition his genesis speakers in some uber professionally treated room. also, the president of genesis speakers shall also be there at his house. oz included his cell phone number in case any of you would like to go or have any other questions. i plan on attending sometime after 2pm on sunday so if any fellow headfiers would like to go, pm me and we can meet up somewhere or just head over to the given address. sorry for the late post, but i just got to know about this event today. hope to see a few of you there. oz's email - "Howdy folks! Here's is my customer Naz's address which you can MapBlast: Nazurdeen Ali 16385 N.W. 16th Street Pembroke Pines For a telephone number please use my cell: (954) 465-5040 PLEASE shoot me an e-mail right back with your time preference between 10am and 6pm available on both days since we can only host 3 to 4 people at a time on any given listening session. You can each invite a couple of friends as well if they're into great music and you can schedule yourselves into the same time slot. Thank you, Oswaldo Martinez Let There Be Sound, Inc. P.S. Get back to me ASAP with your requested time slot please! Spots are filling in fast!!!" -cj
  9. there actually is a temperature for each separate processor at which the soi (for old amd chippies, upto the fx series at least) wont do crap. they may have changed things with the new processors that are coming out but in the golden days of overclocking where you had to do everything manually in bios and not use some shitty app in windows to tune your rig, starting temps were just one of the many problems faced by overclockers. i had a 3 second delay on my phase unit with my fx 57, it had to boot at ~-37C and then cool down or it wont boot at all. in terms of condensation, thats a whole another monster to deal with. mass amounts of neoprene and dialectic grease become your best friends for the duration you own or operate a phase cooler/ a/c chiller. condensation proofing a motherboard takes as much time as building a chiller, many would say. that takes care of the condensation blowing up components part. as far as cracking due to extreme temperatures goes, phase units always have a giant copper head (direct die) that is applied directly to the processor instead of a air cooled heatsink. that usually takes away any and all heat and doesnt affect the rest of the board much. yes, the chipset temps are also very low but not low enough to cause any problems as long as your case is relatively stable. stay away from eocf if you can. i gave up my mod there a long time ago when i finally quick overclocking. its a worse time sink and a black hole for your wallet than headphones/amps/what have you. many might disagree or perhaps i just dont have the money to spend any more so it doesnt seem like a black hole for my money. having said that, any hobby where you push the limits of what is taken to be acceptable will come at a cost. what is to be gained by a world record bench mark...perhaps a bigger epenis but then again, what is to be gained by a 100k speaker rig? ill stop now before my argument gets misconstrued as something else. some nice people over at eocf though. learnt everything i know about hardware from those guys.
  10. i very common practice amongst diyers over in the extremeoverclocking.com forums is to put a relay or some kinda time delay so that the processor can be put under some kinda load and then the phase cooling unit would start. if both were started at the same time, the processor would be too cold to even start functioning. (im talking about temps below -50C). in response to nate's question, couldnt one put a similar mechanism in place in series with the fan and see if the fan is getting power or not. if it is, then everyone gets cake, if not then it turns off the amp. im assuming its a lot easier saying it than actually doing it, but regardless of the amount of work, couldnt something like this be done? just as a safeguard. ps. jimp, thats a pretty looking amp. :drool:
  11. does this mean i can have the menace? a man can dream cant he. good luck on the project nate, i shall be reading for inspiration even if i dont understand it all.
  12. thanks a ton for the link nate, i farted around on his website on other pages but didnt come across a link to all the videos. watching a few now, and they seem to be extremely helpful to someone as clueless as me. will watch them all and read more, probably over the next few weeks before i get down to building anything =/ if only i could download a buncha information into my brain like they do in the matrix and start building already. if only...
  13. oooh i have a drill and a buncha drill bits...i used to be a pc modder so did a lot of case work for myself and other people at school. come to think of it, i just need a wire stripper, forgot i brought my tool box back with me. well a wire stripper and a multimeter. forget the cost. i hadnt really thought about the whole thing before i posted. i apologise for that. ruling out a cmoy was a stupid decision as well. if i were to relax the budget to $150 do i have many other options? just learnt about headwize, so this question may get answered there upon further reading. after a little thinking, a cmoy seems to be the most appropriate place to start now. any thoughts or suggestions? pitfalls? things i should keep in mind before i get parts? things i should keep in mind before i pick up a soldering iron and burn my house down? ps. nate, i just scored "the art of electronics" by horowitz. its 88mb, if you are interested lemme know. pps. only reason i had for posting that budget was...well if i had any more money id get a pair of headphones before i go around building stuff. which is how i came up with the $100 figure. i just dont feel like doing nothing over the next 3 weeks which is why i thought of getting into diy but seems like i dont have the financial freedom to get into it yet. lame...
  14. i have the next 3 weeks to kill before school starts again. id like to do something productive with my time. i dont know anything about electronics (well i know a little but assuming that i dont know even that will probably be safer for me). i would like to start working on either an amp or a dac that is fairly easy to build. cost is a slight issue so the whole thing should be less than $100 including tools. i already have a soldering iron but no solder. also, i dont know how to read a schematic, much less know how to plan out the layout of the build, so step by step instructions would be highly appreciated. pictures would go a long way too. lastly, id like to build something that i can actually use, not something that is so insignificant that would be a waste of time even if it is a good learning experience.
  15. while it may not be you, i find it hard to think of anyone else who would send me 2 pms on headfi from different accounts saying "this is an interesting pm, interesting to cj that is." while it was funny for a while and i appreciated the humor at my expense, it is no longer cute since it requires me to actually do something to delete a nonsensical pm from my mailbox. unlike headcase, headfi doesnt give me a billion pm's so i have to clean it out every so often. i wish you would stop. do it all you want in the chat, i dont care but if i have to take the time to actually do something about it, then imo, i have something bitch about. take this to be another immature rant by a 22 year old that sounds like it was written by a 16 year old if you like, i dont care. however what hydrocity is doing here is just downright childish and juvenile if not simply annoying (not counting the fact that someone spent time to make 2 accounts on headfi just to send me those pm's...dont you have better things to do with your time?).
  16. 10 Spectacular Cockpit Photos - Canadian Bootstrapper lovely pictures of airplane cockpits and views looking out.
  17. jeez man, i was just messing with you. legally i cant move out on my own if my dad says otherwise. my greencard was sponsored by him so any legal document i sign, i have to have his "yes" first. as a result moving out presents more legal issues than financial ones. at any rate, ill figure something out so i dont bother you fine people agian.
  18. called a few places today, shall go apartment hunting on wednesday. if this whole thing goes south, im coming after you matt anyone do something special this weekend? bbq with the family or perhaps a short vacation? ps. in light of my sudden enlightenment of this thread's uselessness, feel free to delete it. hopefully the web space can go to a less stupider thread.
  19. this just turned from a poor experience to downright retarded. just got home after i protested to a rather stupid move on my parents' part. (both of them are indian fyi) on thursday i wanted to eat out someplace nice but my dad kept saying oh no, its orlando, all restaurants are open late blah blah blah and i kept telling him most of them close at 10:30pm so the night we got there i had to eat frozen microwaveable crap from walmart because everything else was closed. i was also promised that over the course of the next few days i would be treated to someplace "nice." i figured maybe some grill or steakhouse where i could order a nice juicy steak and pretend to be eating a really well done chicken breast and my parents could have seafood. come friday, my dad got sick after the first ride he took and consequently spent the rest of the day having a conversation with the food he had had the previous day. as a result, we missed the big fireworks show on the 4th but he was sick so i didnt care as much. sat i was promised that after the park closed we would spend some time at city walk and visit a live music and dinner place and guess what happened...we are too tired blah blah blah. it was too late again to eat out so i had to resort to corn flakes that i had brought with myself. oh and just before we came home i inquired as to my feast since this whole trip was my treat. being a college student with a crapton of loans, being able to pay for the whole weekend was a pretty freaking big deal for me and i was hoping for them to have a good time since they had never been to someplace that nice. going back to the part about them being indian, its fairly obvious that we eat indian food every freaking day. after 2 days of putting up with their excuses and pretty much walking around a theme park alone which was LOADS of fun. i was woken up from my nap only to find that the "nice" restaurant that the 2 of them had picked was a run down indian shack with poor service and god awful food. at that point my patience ran out and i revolted. what was so wrong of me to request that we not eat the same food we have every single day. i refused to go in but in stead of getting a ride to a different restaurant, i received an hour long lecture about how i had forgotten my indian culture and i had stopped respecting my parents and had grown "non - indian." grahame, i understand what you are saying but you cant quite honestly call that a good day in the grand scheme of things. i dont regret taking them but just like boomana, i certainly wont be offering to do so anytime in the near future. to team florida - as long as you gents and lady dont suggest an indian joint to eat at, i will probably be game. knowing that you lot party into the wee hours of the morning, i also dont think id be worried about having to leave early. rather im worried about having to keep up with you name me the time and place and given enough time to plan ahead, i shall try to make it (provided mike gives me a ride again )
  20. "there is no such thing as fun for the whole family." dad was too big of a wimp to go on any rides after his first one. mom didnt want to make him wait outside alone so she stayed with him. i was left to stand in lines for hours at a time because i didnt want to sit around doing nothing. all in all, seemed like the usual family holiday. ps. my sister is in india currently. seems as if she lucked out by not being here.
  21. i was told people were really nice on this board...i didnt know they were this nice.
  22. so while driving back from school with my dad (picked him up from his office on the way home) we were talking about fireworks on 4th of july and i jokingly suggested that we take a trip to orlando and spend some time at the theme parks. oddly enough he said yes. neither of my parents have ever been there so it should be a great trip. going to leave tomorrow after my classes and then come back on sunday. looking forward to a good time.
  23. thanks to the warm welcome everyone. just what i needed - another website that will tell me to spend my money on things. the chat room is certainly a very nice feature that i liked instantly. long time no see voltron. sarasota was a wild ride and i wish i had started drinking because right now i remember all the things that happened in fairly vivid detail. oh the travesties! the shit posting was just done in jest so hopefully you or jpnums didnt take away from it any more than what we intended it to be - childish thread crapping hope to see you again sometime in the near future good sir. im trying to find a way to get my butt to the dc meet but doesnt seem to promising right now. thanks to everyone again for the red carpet reception. not sure it was required but it is certainly appreciated.
  24. bread is eaten by weaklings. i eat whole grain straight out of the ground.
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