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  1. This past weekend was the Maryhill Spring Free-4-All, during which I rode some skateboards down a fast and sketchy hill. There were shenanigans. https://imgur.com/a/Mqb6MDD
  2. That one should keep one's butt up and send it.
  3. I too got out of the office, and went back to school.
  4. Went to my first sugar shack. Ate so much. They start out by giving you a doggie bag to fill as you go. I'm not going to even try and describe everything, as I'm not really sure, and most of the descriptions were in French. Lots and lots of foie gras and maple syrup. I nearly died.
  5. Yesterday was a day at the races.
  6. Thanks all. Did get my first skate in since the crash today, felt ok. All slides worked out as expected. Had a couple of good meals, which each were the size of a couple good meals, with a couple of good friends.
  7. Shin pads probably would have let me walk away relatively unscathed, and would be relatively unencumbering to wear. That said, it isn't really a spot that is overly prone to taking hits, so maybe just when I'm planning sketchier stuff. Ugh you win. Your prize is pretty much the worst. Heal quickly. Curses, something seems to be afoot!
  8. Went skating, petted dogs. Also less exciting things like work.
  9. Should. Had Filipino food for lunch, which was so tasty that Waffles had to come over to check it out.
  10. Nah. This pair is now dedicated to skating, and I'm getting a sort of perverse pleasure out of slowly destroying them. Stretch cordura ftw, the stitching is blowing out faster than the fabric. I tore one of the rear pockets halfway off during this session. Sadly no.
  11. Lots of skating with friends recently. Here is a clip from slide practice Saturday. And Brent's favorite capture. He missed me crashing into a thorn bush.
  12. Brent's breakfast. I had the same but I'm allowed. Something is getting fucked up today, and it's probably going to be either my car, or Brent. Hopefully just the latter.
  13. Work then skate. I underestimated how fun NYC roads would be.
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