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  1. First burn of my Recteq RT590, let it run for an hour or so and then made some chicken legs. On deck is a pork shoulder and two racks of ribs. Anyone have any favorite rubs or tools?
  2. Yeah pretty good. Work has been busy but fine, and I'm going snowboarding in the morning.
  3. Happy belated birthday, Steve!
  4. Thanks everyone! The only thing new today was sushi for dinner. I have way too many skateboards, not sure any of the other electric unicycles currently on the market make for a compelling upgrade for my Nikola AR+, and I'm up to my eyeballs in gimp suits already.
  5. Not so shocking by this point, as I follow a couple people who are going, but very cool. Hopefully downhill gets included one of these years, but I won't hold my breath.
  6. Appreciate the well wishes, everyone. I actually had a pour of that birth year BenRiach decant you gave me. It was quite tasty, thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the well wishes, all! How time flies.
  8. Happy birthday, Bryan! Wish I was gonna be there this weekend, but alas.
  9. My Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite has been rock solid for years, haven't had to touch it. It was my previous router which couldn't keep up.
  10. I made too much dry aged ribeye, so enlisted some assistance in consuming it.
  11. Dinner last night at the Buenos Aries Grill. Turns out to be Seattle Restaurant Week, so the giant pile of meat I was planning to order had accompaniments for less money than normal. Result!
  12. Ramen was at Danbo and Sushi was at Kashiba. It is her last night in Seattle today, and we are going for burgers for dinner. Feel free to join us if you would like, thinking either Bateau, Quinn's Pub, or Von's.
  13. My sister is in town visiting, so we have been eating all the foods. Today, we had ramen for lunch: And sushi for dinner:
  14. I just went to get lunch, and the person running the food truck asked if my dog would like a piece of bacon. Looks like the answer was yes.
  15. Realized I forgot to eat today, so made up for it at the Chinese restaurant.
  16. Cored my first wheels tonight. The last few slides were rather sketchy.
  17. The official photos from the Maryhill G-Ride I posted about a few weeks ago were just dropped, and they got a few of me. more: https://www.facebook.com/pg/maryhillsratz/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2600681453489793
  18. Skated Maryhill this weekend at the summer RVOD G-Ride. Only skated the first day due to injuries, but still had a pretty good time. Here is my favorite run: And here is the run that Brent was probably eating a biscuit during, advanced to the relevant portion:
  19. Here is some of it. I have about 10 more minutes of footage I haven't looked at yet.
  20. I celebrated go skateboarding day yesterday the obvious way. Managed to get some footage of my standup slide practice, which is finally paying off.
  21. Fried chicken biscuit with gravy and an egg.
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