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  1. Snack, Salad, Tartare, Frites, Burger, and Meringue
  2. cetoole


    I guess it depends mostly which direction you are talking about them being tight. You will get some width out of most leather shoes of any quality. How much and how painful it will be depends on the hide used, tanning process, and shoe construction. Standard stuff I have not had stretch out on me more than desired. If your toes are pinched, that will not get better. Try different socks. I can dial in a near perfect fit for all of my leather shoes by matching the socks, and it helps with sliding too depending on the insole.
  3. Earlier: banh mi now: late night taco hike
  4. cetoole


    I wouldn't buy (most) shoes hoping they will stretch.
  5. Tacos! Adobada, cabeza, carnitas, lengua, and tripa. Delicious.
  6. Burgers. I derped when making the buns, but they still tasted good. I need to use my grinder more often, the fresh beef was delicious. https://imgur.com/a/og41c
  7. There was more further down. But yes, it was more of a salad with poke. Tasty though.
  8. 155F/24hr/lots of salt and pepper, oven at 300F for 2 hours on a wire rack.
  9. Yardbird (yesterday). Half chicken, brisket biscuits, and smoked pulled chicken salad. and a blackberry lemonade (with turkey) to wash it down
  10. I have the sweet home recommended duxtop and do not use my coil stove at all. Yuge upgrade.
  11. Looks awesome, Jeff. I had mackerel for dinner.
  12. Brisket and ribs. Tasty, but I'm sure the Fairy could do better.
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