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  1. Nttawwt Happy birthday naaman!
  2. I bet that sounds great! I need to give open baffle speakers a go at some point.
  3. Whatever floats your boat https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montezuma's_revenge
  4. Thanks for all the wishes. Going out for Chinese food with a friend shortly, and maybe some games later.
  5. Earlier: eggplant and tofu Now: oyakodon
  6. wings dumplings salad (don't have a heart attack Steve) churros (don't have a heart attack Colin) And earlier, the street meat I'd been craving for months
  7. Shockingly, my trip has been extended by a day.
  8. Happy birthday Jeff! Control the presents, especially those which you will undoubtedly buy for yourself.
  9. It is a very Dusty (which my phone wanted to correct to disturbing) haircut.
  10. Monkeys of assorted sizes have been spotted at the show.
  11. What you do with the Dragons tail is between you and the dragon (and your buddy too it seems?).
  12. Leg of lamb and cheesy cauliflower. I made a pan sauce with some of the wine from earlier too, but that took a few minutes more and I couldn't wait.
  13. Right there with you buddy.
  14. I didn't really appreciate shake shack until I had the shack stack. That mushroom changes everything! Still better than in-n-out by a mile.
  15. SV steak shallow fried in leftover goose fat, with (not pictured) brussels sprouts fried in same.
  16. I would like a pass as well if you have one to spare.
  17. I had the same yesterday, which was a bit hard to find on account of Vietnamese New Years. Three types of ham is the best.
  18. Getting in at 9:20pm on Friday, leaving at 3:59pm on Thursday.
  19. One or more variations on this (cheese is cowgirl creamery mt tam): Gochujang instant pot chicken.
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