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  1. Work then skate. I underestimated how fun NYC roads would be.
  2. Someone was using slide pucks with embedded flints.
  3. Wet garage races last night. Had a blast.
  4. cetoole


    Shoot and here I thought it was about diodes. Pass!
  5. cetoole


  6. So floofy. Not travelling as much for work these days, but still interested in optimization Trying a new means of getting around the airport. At least 14x more fun then I have had in MSP before.
  7. Half a broasted chicken, with some awesome potato wedges and fried okra. They had free skee ball for while you wait.
  8. Cabeza burrito at my favorite Mexican restaurant.
  9. Great to hear you are ok Steve, and let us know if you need anything. Shelly and Sam, stay safe too!
  10. Demo day at the local shop. Got to try a boosted board again, which was a totally different experience now that I can ride an analog one. Switched up my bushing configuration and swapped to new ceramic bearings. Also got in a bit over 20 miles on my board.
  11. Tacos at the home base of my favorite taco truck in the city, which sadly lost it's spot a block from my office. El Camion is a bit of a walk, but not too bad a ride. They messed up my order on the high side, I only ordered 5.
  12. Buddy wanted to listen to some vinyl, so I figured out a way to get the rig set up in a semi reasonable manner. Still need to mess with grounding the table and finish casing the pre, but its quiet and sounding good so eh.
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