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  1. Any suggestions for accommodations for the (sadly underrepresented) travel team?
  2. Does a ~1bai raise today count?
  3. Learned to ride a longboard. Now pondering electrics.
  4. Sichuan boiled fish Dry fried beans And a plate of rice
  5. Well, now we really need pix. Show these upstarts how it is done, Steve! Also, for more unsolicited advice, I like KMS hairplay paste or Jonathan dirt.
  6. I got an induction burner. Carbon steel flipped every 30 until the center measured 120.
  7. This time, my eyes were bigger than my stomach.
  8. Brisket, pork belly, and brussels sprouts.
  9. cetoole

    Get your game on!

    Gentlemen: start your wallets
  10. Went out for Chinese food with the Boston members of my family. My aunt Ju's mother was also visiting from Malaysia, and ordered everything, which was entertaining. Missing a few things, but it was all scrumptious. Definitely beat lunch, which was an airport salad.
  11. Awesome news Todd, and great work Andrew!
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