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  1. Berkey is one of my all time favorites. More here: http://www.johnberkey.com/
  2. I am house-sitting for some friends while they attend a 10 day Zen silent retreat. They have a Vitamix and a huge organic garden. It took me a couple tries and some internet searches but I think I have it down now. Last night: green grapes banana kale beet greens spinach almond milk ice It was really good. I need to get me a Vitamix. They had them at Costco for 3 hundred something a few weeks ago...
  3. As someone who sells carpet to senior living communities the evil side of me would love to put this in a memory care building and watch what happens.
  4. ^^^ Awesome pic: beautiful for what it is and amazing that we have a device in position to capture it!
  5. Time to kill? http://geoguessr.com/ I got 11185 on my first try. Followed by 16575 and 12353.
  6. Yeah it's too bad because the songs are good, imo.
  7. Finished Gaiman's new one. It was short but really really good. Now:
  8. http://youtu.be/Nat2WNzAKA4
  9. MoonShine

    Best Covers

    Love it? Hate it?
  10. She seems sweet, I hope she doesn't hurt herself.
  11. I want a list of the Best married, divorced, and "it's complicated" headphone in the world.
  12. Next up for the Sci-Fi / Fantasy Book Club: I'm about 50 pages in. Surprisingly good so far. Also starting (for yet another Book Club): Recently finished:
  13. Yes, about time and I hope Gene is right as well.
  14. No one here gets out alive. RIP Ray.
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