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  1. Good battle brewing with 5 teams vying for the last 2 playoff spots. Some key match-ups in the next few weeks. Fun stuff!
  2. My last bunch of books. Warded Man was my 50th book read this year.
  3. I realized last night my 5th would definitely be Crime of the Century.
  4. The only real question for me is what gets #5 after Animals, WYWH, The Wall & DSOM. Maybe Aqualung or Let it Bleed, idk. I could just as easily make it The Final Cut and go for the clean sweep.
  5. MoonShine


    Groupon has the Nook Simple Touch Glow for $72.99 w/ free shipping for 2 more days. I've had one for awhile (paid almost twice that for it) and love it so I got one for my wife. It's basically like the kindle paperwight but runs ePub instead of mobi format and comes with a micro SD slot in case you're some crazy person that lines to carry around 1623 books with them. Or something.
  6. Downloaded last night. I like most of the new features (especially blocking and auto-updates (about time)) but dislike the new visuals. The icons seem laughably bad to me. I also don't like that they took away my full screen album art (unless I just haven't figured out how to get it back).
  7. Yeah I made a bad call with benching RG3 and Tavon in favor of Eli and Hakeem at the last minute. Last time I ever listen to the "experts".
  8. HFS. That combo is going to be $$$ all year I think.
  9. I started getting an intermittent connection after about the 5th round so I got a lot of autopicks in the second half. No big deal though, pretty happy with my roster.
  10. Edit: Nevermind. It's never as funny as I think it is.
  11. No I was worried about that but once I tried them on they are fine.
  12. Just got me a pair of these for my commute: They have the Fototec lens, I love them. I have been pretty disciplined about commuting (5 miles each way with some minor hills) every day to work for the past 6 weeks or so. I think I have only missed 2 days when I had to run errands or transport items too large for the bike. It's really helped me lose weight (not sure how much: I have a "don't ask don't tell" policy with my scale) but I have been able to drop 2 inches in waist size so that's good. I have also saved a bunch of money on gas. My plan is to ride all winter as well unless there is ice. I have outfitted the Defy with a rack and a Topeak bag, all the better to commute with. I had a 2 week spell with 3 flats: 1 blow out and 2 pinch flats so I have learned to be more careful with curbs and potholes and such. Loving the rides though, it's my favorite part of the day!
  13. Ordering a certified refurbished Vitamix 6300 today!
  14. So I am wondering why Jamba Juice does not do green smoothies? They have carrots and oranges and wheat grass but that does not a true green smoothie make. If all of the people here are any indication there would seem to be a decent demand for them (I know I would buy them when I am out and about). Seems like they are missing the boat somewhat by not offering a nice kale/spinach type green smoothie.
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