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  1. aRc

    David Berning headphone amp

    I love the Micro-Zotl...runs the HP-2 rather well....
  2. aRc

    Eddie Current Equilibrato

    "Just when I think I'm out...they pull me back in"...
  3. aRc

    Fang's new orthos shipping

    Guy's, I'm using the First Watt (F3) or the output of the si2A3/45 with good results (Moar Powah!!). The band-aid of the EF-5 doesn't cut it:cool:!! The schmaltz and euphony are gone when more, and better controlled power is used! Great presentation with a wealth of details, the notes and sounds (a majority of them) used to stick to the diaphram...no longer!
  4. aRc

    Beyer T1

    No Jam for me next year (unless it's combined with peanut butter).
  5. aRc

    Beyer T1

    I ordered straight from Beyer months back and they arrived last week. Needed tons of burn time and prefer Tubes. Tonally VERY much like my HP-2's. The T1 has a slightly heavy lower register with smooth midband and slight depression in the treble. Not bad, as it is very easy listen, mine will be off tomorrow to the re-cablers. Need to be pushed a bit for both balance and details to shine however..... They will go low...very low and with little prodding.
  6. aRc

    Fucking Yankees

    Jerry Jones can't buy a fucking vowel!
  7. Alexander Solzhenitsyn...not so much an observation of the Human condition as the reaction and consequences of it!
  8. aRc

    Fang's new orthos shipping

    You'se Buddy:chair:
  9. aRc

    Fang's new orthos shipping

    Wouldn't want anyone in a small space that could "bugger":palm:
  10. aRc

    Beyer T1

    They "blow" .....and I'll find out mid November if they "suck"..
  11. aRc

    Fang's new orthos shipping

    Ordered! Thanks for the Heads-up! I liked them at CanJam and can wrap my head around the changes to the pads etc.!
  12. aRc

    Misheard Lyrics

    Eagles "Life in the Fast lane" I thought it was life in the "Vaseline"...somehow your a winner either way!
  13. aRc

    Help identifying a painting

    Didn't you hear? The gecko was fired for spending "the first dollar" and was smashed by the Webster Dictionary on the desk.
  14. Peroxide...works great, leaves clean as a whistle;)
  15. aRc

    HD800? Another rumor?

    Looks like that peak is heading for 650...amp peak current isn't as important as steady-state stability....