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  1. The SDS-XLR PCB is really fascinating. Mikhail brought one over just to show it to me because he is so proud of it. It is round and about the same size as an LP. Thick as a brick and really gorgeous even without anything attached to it. I vote deal of Oughts, minimum, as well. That is a sweet amp for under 6 bills. Lucky bastard.
  2. Thanks for the info. Do you know the voltage in your middle setting MPX3? My SDS-XLR has a tube regulated & rectified PS, so I can dial in a wide range of voltage settings. I already like the 2c51 with the 6BL7GTAs so I would be curious what the 6BL7GTs are like. As for the fancy pair on eBay, I need 4 so that won't help me much!
  3. I checked and mine are 6BL7GTAs as you suspected. Maybe I need to get some of George's GTs before he sells his MPX3. George, are you reading this? Do you have 4 you could sell separately?
  4. Hmm, I cannot recall. I will take a look at what I have in the tube caddy and report back.
  5. I just noticed this thread after PM'ing you and your lawyer about the topic of the best tubes for preamp usage. I have found that the 2c51 driver and 6BL7GT output is really good and still allows for a reasonable volume range. I previously found that all 6SN7s with my old MPX3 was a bit soft and unfocused, but with 6414 driver and 6BL7GT outputs that one sounded good but the gain was high. If he runs into trouble with the 2c51, he can always try a K-R black glass or Tung Sol round plate 6SN7 as the driver and see if that calms it down for quieter listening. As I said elsewhere, he was geniu
  6. I'm going to charge up Bunker Hill by listening to some beautiful vinyl right now. mjb inspired me with his mellifluous prose.
  7. Why don't you muthafucking east coasters just move to the west coast? Snow is something we drive TO not IN.
  8. Happy 30th birthday Haj! Have a great one in old Beantown. I really enjoy those SACDs you sold me. Remember to tell me if you have more to sell! Cheers.
  9. Another victim of the Head-Fi outage! I replaced the HF.photo link with an active one although I can't remember if it is the same one I had before. I love "Get Your War On." Hilarious shit, and Voltron too! Maybe I will add gear too some day.
  10. Assfacehole is my new favorite word (even though I like gear in sigs).
  11. oops, missed your BD, but glad you had a good one! Just posting the ones that were missed during the HF outage. Cheers!
  12. Did you ask for a refund because of losing PMs or did he just refund you on his own?
  13. I wish the website worked a bit better so that I could actually find out some more about that amp. $720 is pretty sweet and I might just give it a shot if that NY dealer actually has them or has access to them.
  14. Having a great one Jay! Cheers!
  15. There's nothing illegal about reverse-engineering, so I'm not clear on why somebody would want to cover his ass if that is true. If there is a valid patent, which I doubt, that might be a different story, but normal copying of products available to the public is not a violation of law.
  16. Now Aaron swears in every post! Head-case time is gonne get him in trouble once the 'Fi is back up.
  17. Make that 45 million and 1. We're having 28-30 over today and had to go the two-bird route. Brined and roasted to perfection. Yummy! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  18. I think you made it but head-case is off by an hour for me. I should probably check my settings. How is the trip treating you? Happy turkey day!
  19. And to think that earlier I thought you might have gone to bed. \ I knew that couldn't be right. Anyway, glad to have an enthusiastic response because I am not sure this combo has ever been tried. One question would be whether some or all gear has to be put away for party time, whatever that means. I was at the office until after midnight tonight and had to postpone birthday celebration with JP, which sucked. He was out drinking and record shopping without me, and I was toiling away. Pisses me off. Supposedly tomorrow night will be a rain-check so hopefully that will work.
  20. Neil is not as fussy as you might think. But, that is not what I am thinking about for the meet. I am certain that he can be convinced to bring the NWO wherever it needs to be. I also think that we might be able to pop by his place while you and Mike and Aaron and Gene and whoever else are here. Right Neil? I'm thinking Animal House meets Head-Fi/Case. I'm thinking overnighter. Wait, I'm thinking about my house so it won't really be like Animal House. But I am think my house in Marin with a sleepover option for the out-o-towners, and a party option for all.
  21. I've hosted a couple meets in SF and there was the Party at Neil's place, and I am sure others.
  22. Who said John gets to host that meet? I have some ideas of my own and they don't involve San Leandro. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but hey, there are other locales to check out. Also, I have a trial that month and it would be nice to avoid February 16-25 unless that jacks up your availability.
  23. Happy birthday Numbers! Still hoping to see you tonight for a pint or two at 21st A. When I first tried Head-case this morning I got an error, which I figured was your b-day wishes flooding the site! Have a good one buddy.
  24. A few things I forgot to mention! First of all, we all owe JP#s a lot of thanks for setting this up, booking and paying for the room and for managing to keep it all together even with HF down. Thanks JP and Also, I thought it was important to note that we decided early on that this was actually a Head-Case Meet given the fact that Head-Case saved the meet and made planning possible. So we started swearing a lot, trading insults, and being open about our disgust for each other. That made it even more fun than a normal Head-Fi meet. Lastly, I_D's great pics of Satan's Delicious Sound re
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